International Money Transfer from Alappuzha

International Money Transfer from Alappuzha

Best way to make an International Money Transfer from Alappuzha

International Money Transfer is not as complicated as you think. If it consumes a lot of your valuable time, then it’s high time to try some updated methods for it. Standing in a long line to send some money abroad is not necessary since the world have moved a lot forward with technological advancements. Unimoni can assure you the best experience of an International money transfer from Alappuzha with some simple procedures.

Absolutely Simple Procedures

your PAN card since it is considered to be a mandatory document by the RBI from 2018 April onwards. Necessary KYC documents such as, any of your ID card(Aadhar/Driving License/Voter ID), transaction details (based on purpose), Copy of passport of the beneficiary, etc must be submitted and verified. The verification process can be done within no time and our costumer friendly services will be helpful for you to make it easier.Some other documents proving your connection with the beneficiary may be needed as per the request because the RBI needs to know your purpose of remittance.Our guidelines will help you to understand the latest regulations of  RBI and this will ensure the authenticity and transparency of your transactions.

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    Unimoni has great experience in International money transfer with a number of renowned partners all around the world. As a matter of fact, Unimoni is the first company in India to get an AD-2 category license. So,your you can absolutely rely upon us with your hard earned money when going on with an international Money Transfer from Alappuzha and all of our  records will be properly documented and open for verification.This will make you comfortable along with our customer friendly services.

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      It has to be noted that the maximum amount of money that can be sent in a financial year is 2,50,000 USD under Liberalized Remittance Scheme but there is no restriction on the frequency of transactions.

      Save thousands with Better Rates

      It is high time to get rid of the traditional banking methods not only because of its tedious paper works and long lines but also the chances to loss money in the name of hidden transaction charges. If you join hands with Unimoni for an international money transfer from Alappuzha, you will be able to complete the process with a minimum service charge and can ensure the best  money transfer rates according to the latest changes in mid market rates.This will help you to save thousands in time. Transactions with Unimoni in future will be more easier because your personal details will be saved with us.

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