International Money transfer from Bangalore

International Money Transfer from Bengaluru

International Money transfer from Bengaluru

International money transfer from Bangalore is not a big deal if you are ready to spend some time reading this. Don’t get excited if we say it can be done with a couple of clicks on your mobile. Let us show you how.

Easy and fast

International money transfer is the best option available for someone who tries to find a way to financially help their loved ones living abroad. You can send a specific amount of money to a beneficiary account from India in easy and simple procedures. We reduce the hectic and confusing procedural formalities you might normally face when going for an international money transaction from Bengaluru to a great extent. We will help you to satisfy your economic needs with great ease. Let’s check the mandatory procedures you have to go through.

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    How much money can send?

    The maximum amount of money that can be sent through international money transactions from Bengaluru is 250000 USD according to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI in a financial year. Any number of transactions can be made within the annual transaction limit. Remember, a flat fee is charged on each transaction in addition to a number of mysterious transaction charges by most of the service providers. But no need to worry, with our help and advice, you won’t lose any money due to any hidden transaction charges other than the flat fee. Our experience and transparency will help you save a lot on this account.

    RBI wants to know the purpose of remittance

    The need for your money transaction can be anything like a medical emergency, for paying the semester fees, or even as a helping hand to someone who faces a setback in business. Migration, processing fees for the registration of some government documents, and some employment necessities or whatever can also be the purpose of your transactions. But it is important for you to know about the popular and permissible purposes of transactions recognized by RBI along with the ones that you cannot go for. We offer you the best guidelines and advice that you can help you in having an international money transfer from Bengaluru.



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    Where to begin?

    We have great experience in the area of international money transfer with tremendous feedback from all around the world. As an AD-2 licensed money transaction provider, we can assure you of the best services without any failure. So, just go through our official website in order to join hands with us or kindly visit the nearby branch. We prefer the online method in this period of universal struggle against the pandemic for the benefit of yourself and the society. Don’t waste time, an international money transfer from Bengaluru is at your fingertips.

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      Mandatory procedures

      One has to submit the Permanent Account Number (PAN ) to make a successful international money transaction from Bengaluru or anywhere in India. It was not necessary till the regulations was amended on 2018 April. Since the procedures act under the guidelines of RBI, the photo attested ID card and transaction details of the sender has to be submitted along with the copy of the passport of the beneficiary.

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