Send Money Abroad from Baroda

Send Money Abroad from Baroda

Send Money Abroad only with Complete Trust

Are you looking for someone who can help you with an International Money Transfer from Baroda?  Unimoni is the best place you can find the solutions for all your problems with great simplicity. No need to get panicked when any of your loved ones living abroad faces a huge financial crisis.As a matter of fact, the need for International Money transfer has increased a lot in the recent times. Consider it as the right time to go for an international money transfer from Baroda with Unimoni. International Money transfer from Baroda is not a complicated process as you think.We can provide with the best ways of money transactions in effective and easy to understand procedures.

Purposes of Remittance Identified by RBI

We are so vigilant in ensuring the authenticity and transparency of our procedures as an AD-2 licensed provider since the whole procedure is monitored under the strict guidelines of RBI. Expense of student studying abroad, Gift remittance, Emigration, etc are the various purposes of fund remittance  acknowledged by RBI.

Now let us take a look at the necessary documents needed according to the Liberalized Money Remittance Scheme (LRS ) of RBI to go forward with an International Money Transfer from Baroda

  • Valid ID proof
  • Pan Card copy of the sender (Mandatory for any resident Indian )
  • Beneficiary passport copy

Bank Account statement of the sender The submission and successful verification of these documents will make you ready for the money exchange. Our facilities like prepaid multi currency cards can be used paying through POS which allows you to carry money digitally.This will avoid the risk factors in carrying a whole lot of money in your wallets. This will also helps you to get rid of the exchange rate fluctuations as the currency value is pre-loaded into it.

Note: Some documents may get requested in order to prove your relation with the beneficiary.

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    How Much Money Can Send ?

    A resident individual can transfer money from India to any beneficiary abroad up to the limit of 2,50000 USD ( Approximately 1.8 Crore ) in a single financial year. No foreign citizen with Indian origin or Indian citizen resides in a foreign country is allowed to go forward with these procedures.

    Less risk and more Transparency

    There is always a chance for the cheque you send to be lost or there can be some transaction failures.But when you join hands with Unimoni and go for an International Money Transfer from Baroda using the most updated technologies, you can make sure that the money you send meet its purpose. Our experience in this field with a number of renowned partners all around the world is our strength.



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    Keeping an eye on transaction rates

    When you make an International money Transaction from Baroda, It is very important to make sure that you are not overpaying. You have to pay a flat fee for the transactions but will be completely free from any hidden charges. Even though the exchange rates are continuously fluctuating according to the mid-market exchange rate, we will make sure that you gets the best rates. So don’t feel confused in deciding the trustworthy provider for your transactions, Some decisions you take may lead you to more heights.
    Join hands with Unimoni, you wont regret for sure.

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