Buy Currency FAQ

Buy Currency

How can I buy foreign currency?

Present your valid travel documents in our branch located nearby and get the desired foreign currency from the counter or through online booking.

What are the documents that I have to submit to buy foreign currency?

  • Valid Passport
  • PAN Card
  • LRS form
  • Airline Ticket/Visa

How do I pay for foreign currency?

  • You can buy foreign currency worth up to Rs50, 000/- by cash.
  • You can buy foreign currency above the worth of Rs.50, 000/- through online payment/ DD/ Debit card/ Banker’s Cheque.

What is the maximum amount that can be disbursed to a resident customer in a foreign currency?

We can give foreign currency notes up to USD 3000 or equivalent. The balance amount can be carried in the form of Travel Cards or Travellers Cheques.

How much maximum cash is accepted for buying currency?

It’s allowed only up to INR 49999/-

What Documents Do I Need For Personal/Leisure Travel?

Original and valid passport, valid VISA for the country of travel, confirmed ticket showing travel date, within 60 days of taking foreign exchange.

Is it possible to give Currency Notes to a Minor?

Currencies can be disbursed to a minor based on a declaration from a Guardian/Parent.

What is the foreign exchange entitlement (limit) for business travel?

Up to US$ 250,000 per year, irrespective of period of stay and number of trips in a financial year.

Are there any other forms of foreign currency other than currency mode?

Prepaid multi-currency card, Travellers Cheques

Can I buy foreign currency much before my travel?

Yes. It is often advisable to buy foreign currency before travel to avoid higher rates in the last minute purchases. You can buy foreign currency up to 60 days before your date of travel.

Can I cancel my purchase of foreign currency?

Yes you can surrender the foreign currency at any of our branch located nearby.

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