International Money Transfer from Mount Road

International Money Transfer from Mount Road

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In the present world,nations and its citizens are more connected than ever.It gets increasing day by day as social platforms like twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc adds more to it. This has made tremendous impacts on world economy too. As a result, International Money transfer from Chennai-Mount Road has become exceptionally simple and easy now.

The need for sending some money abroad ha increased because the chances to go for higher studies in another nation have increase. Likewise,Medical treatments, Business meetings, vacation trips, etc are expensive and needs an international money transaction in effective way. But, before you go for it, it is very important to consult with a service provider with great experience in the area. Let us be the one whom you can put your trust upon to make an International Money Transfer from Chennai-Mount Road.

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Submitting the necessary documents like the pan card, photo attested id proof, transaction details of the sender (based on purpose) and passport copy of the beneficiary will be enough to go forward with the transaction. Remember, PAN card is a mandatory document for an international money transfer from  Chennai-Mount Road or from anywhere in India.

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    How much can be sent?

    Of course there is a limit for your International money transaction. But, you can make any number of transactions as you like without exceeding the limit of 250000 USD per financial year. We can assure you that you won’t get charges with any hidden transaction charges. If you go with the outdated banking methods, the transaction rate will be fluctuating and there always involve some hidden transaction charges. These charges will be high if you go with higher amounts. So, our guidance and costumer friendly services will be  absolutely useful for you in order to make an international money transfer from Chennai-Mount Road in a more effective and easy way.

    Safe and Secure

    Your hard earned money will be completely safe and secure with us. You will get an instant confirmation at the right time of the transaction and all the procedures will be properly documented. The transaction charges, authenticity of the procedures and the safety are all open for analysis. As an AD-2 licensed provider which operates under the guidelines of RBI, we value Safety of your money along with the swift procedures. We assure you that your money will reach the beneficiary in a couple of days.



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    Get rid of the conventional methods

    No need to get late when you have the facilities to make the transactions as fast as a lightening. The only thing you need to do is just visiting our official website and making a couple of clicks. Avoiding long lines and social gatherings is prescribed by the governments itself in order to avoid the spreading of the virus.Since you are already near to an international money transfer from Chennai-Mount Road by reading this, complete it by visiting our official website or contact with our nearest branch.

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