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KERALA FLOOD RELIEF – Unimoni’s Helping Hands hold back the flood of fear

18th August, 2018

  • Generous Donations: The Unimoni family donates relief materials to the flood victims.
  • Morale building: CEO visits the houses of flood-affected Unimoni employees to support and encourage them to rebuild their lives.
  • Rebuilding Kerala: Unimoni employees distributed food, clothing, and medicines to various relief camps using branches and company resources for this noble cause.
EDUCATION – For Future Heroes

5th Jun, 2018

In order to build a better future, Unimoni has distributed School Aids including bags, study materials, computers, video conferencing equipment, infrastructures and other classroom facilities for quality education in Government Schools

  • Educational Scholarships and cash awards were distributed to the outstanding students of Government Schools in Kerala.
  • School Bags, Umbrellas and Study materials were distributed to indigent students.
  • Computers were offered to Multiple Disabled Students of Adarsh Charitable School.

5th Jun, 2018

Keeping the motto, ‘Plant trees and save the environment and future’ in mind, Unimoni has conducted various programs.

  • Distribution of tree saplings as gifts to customers at Customer Meets.
  • Maintenance of a garden by employees at a busy area of Cochin City for public repose.
  • Unimoni has also conducted campaigns against Pollution.
  • The local branch provided financial support to the farmers for Hebbeu tree plantation at Mysore.
HEALTH – For a Healthy Life

4th April, 2018

Unimoni organised health camps and medical check-up facilities.

  • Healthy and hygienic habits were inculcated in children at health camps.
  • Inhabitants of old age homes are served with food on special occasions in Kochi.
  • Relevant initiatives for the support of Cancer patients.
  • Aid provided for surgery and treatment of patients.
  • Installation of water dispensers at old age/specially-abled homes for clean drinking water on World Health Day.