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Corporate Social Responsibility

Unimoni has empowered millions of ambitions, fulfilling its vision of an equal India with universal access to financial resources. Serving the communities it functions with, is an important pillar of our core values. From health and hygiene to sanitation, educational development to skill training, financial support to environmental sustainability, Unimoni has built a stellar record of community service to enable people before empowering them. As an institution, we believe in creating equal opportunities for every individual which further enables economic empowerment while facilitating financial and social inclusion.

Different Art Centre – a Government Venture Supported by NMC and Unimoni India

12th Nov, 2019

Different Art Centre at Magic Planet in Kazhakuttam, Trivandrum is an exemplary venture founded for the purpose of intellectual development and mental progress of the differently abled children. It was inaugurated by Honourable Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan on November 7, 2019. Shri P Sreeramakrishnan – Hon Speaker, Smt K K Shailaja – Minister for Health and Social Justice and other eminent personalities were also present for the inauguration ceremony

Unimoni along with NMC has jointly supported this initiative by the Kerala Government and Magic Academy by Mr. Gopinath Muthukad for transforming the state into a friendly zone for the specially abled children.

Mr. Sudheer Neelakandan – Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Vinod Nambiar – Manager, Community Outreach and Mr. Shery Das – Zonal Head represented Unimoni and NMC on the occasion of inauguration of the foundation. They also received mementos from the Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan as a token of appreciation for their valuable contribution and support for this noble cause.

Unimoni, India – Flood Relief activity by Manjeri branch

30th Sep, 2019

Unimoni Manjeri Branch extended their hands of support to a family who lost their house that got destroyed completely in the flood. In order to rebuild the destroyed house of the disappointed family, Zonal Head Mr.Sunil Babu handed over a cheque worth Rs.25000/- to Mr. P. Abdul Rahman, House Rebuilding Committee Municipal Chairman and Member of Hajj committee, Convenor. The noble cause reached its commencement in an informal get-together inclusive of Former Manjeri Municipal Chairman Mr. Hassain Karat, Rotary Club President, Mr. Ashraf Kapadan and Ward Members along with the company incumbents Regional Head Mr. Riju, Manjeri and Branch Manager, Mr.Biju Abraham

Unimoni India – Flood Relief Activity by Kalpetta branch

07th Sep, 2019

  • Madakunnu tribal colony was almost marooned by flood waters from Karapuzha Dam, damaging tarpaulin covered huts of 35 families. Unimoni, Kalpetta branch got the information from Shri .Krishna Das, Director, WAPCOS Limited. Roofs of these huts were leaking, making the lives of its occupants miserable.
  • Kalpetta branch team along with their Zonal Heads – Mr. Sunil P Babu and Mr. Dileep P, Regional Head Mr.Riju. M visited their place and distributed Silpaulin sheets for them for covering their huts and thus extended hands for a noble cause paved the way for shelter to many in times of dire need.

Unimoni India – Flood Relief Activity at Thiruvangoor

07th Sep, 2019

Unimoni Koyilandi branch team has done Flood Relief Activity at Thiruvangoor.

  • The event was Inaugurated by Sri. Asokan, Chemanchery Panchayath President, with the presence of Sri. Vijayan, Block Member, Zonal Heads – Mr. Sunil Babu and Mr. Dileep P, Regional Head Mr Riju and other Unimoni representatives.
  • The Team has distributed Kits to around 25 flood affected families.

Unimoni India’s activity at Pathar , Nilambur

03rd Sep, 2019

Unimoni Nilambur branch team has done Flood Relief Activity at Pathar . Zonal Heads – Mr Sunil Babu and Mr Dileep P and Regional Head Mr Riju M also joined the activity.

  • Pathar is a place which is 25km distance from Nilambur and hit by flood and multiple landslides.
  • Unimoni Nilambur Branch has distributed Kits containing beds and pillows to the Relief Camps , in association with a Library working over there.

Unimoni India – Kerala Flood Relief

20th Aug, 2019

Unimoni India’s activity at flood affected place at Malappuram [An Activity initiated and sponsored through Global Head Quarters , UAE Exchange]

  • Mr Vinod Nambiar, Manager – Community Outreach, Country Head Quarters is accompanied by Unimoni India’s team – Mr Sunil Babu and Mr Dileep, Zonal Heads , Mr Satheesh K and Prasad Kumar, Regional Heads.
  • Around 30 kits were distributed to the flood affected victims during the event.

Unimoni India – Kerala Flood Relief

20th Aug, 2019

Unimoni India’s activity at various flood affected areas in Taliparamba and Mayyil – Kandankkai ,Kannur [An Activity initiated /organized through Global Head Quarters , UAE Exchange ]

  • Mr Vinod Nambiar, Manager – Community Outreach, Country Head Quarters is accompanied by Unimoni India’s team – Mr Shobi Jose , Regional Head- Kannur ; Mr Rajesh P , Branch Head – Kannur KVR Towers; Mr Baburajan K , Branch Head -Taliparamba branch for the activity.
  • Around 500 kits with kitchen utensils ,blankets and food items were distributed to the flood affected victims during the event.


19th Jan, 2019

Unimoni organised a free Eye Test Camp in association with Alsalama Eye Clinic

  • Along with Alsalama Eye Clinic, Mattanur branch of Unimoni conducted a free eye check-up camp for its existing customers, with a special feature of getting a life-long treatment free of cost
  • Around 48 customers enrolled for the camp and were entitled to avail the membership of a lifetime eye check-up with the clinic.


30th Nov, 2018

Unimoni India Top Management led by CEO & MD volunteered their efforts to rebuild a house in Aluva district (Kerala) devastated by the deadly floods

  • In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity India, the team helped reconstruct a house which would be a 500 square feet pakka built with a functional sanitation system
  • The company supported efforts to restore lives by on-ground volunteering and actual contribution of individual time, additional to donating money

KERALA FLOOD RELIEF – Unimoni’s Helping Hands hold back the flood of fear

18th Aug, 2018

Immediately after the floods started in Kerala, Unimoni had been actively aiding relief and rehabilitation efforts through various initiatives

  • The Unimoni family donated relief materials to the flood victims
  • CEO visits the houses of flood-affected Unimoni employees to support and encourage them to rebuild their lives
  • Unimoni employees distributed food, clothing, and medicines to various relief camps using branches and company resources for this noble cause
EDUCATION – For Future Heroes

5th Jun, 2018

In order to build a better future, Unimoni has distributed School Aids including bags, study materials, computers, video conferencing equipment, infrastructures and other classroom facilities for quality education in Government Schools

  • Educational Scholarships and cash awards were distributed to the outstanding students of Government Schools in Kerala
  • School Bags, Umbrellas and Study materials were distributed to indigent students
  • Computers were offered to Multiple Disabled Students of Adarsh Charitable School

5th Jun, 2018

Keeping the motto, ‘Plant trees and save the environment and future’ in mind, Unimoni has conducted various programs.

  • Distribution of tree saplings as gifts to customers at Customer Meets
  • Maintenance of a garden by employees at a busy area of Cochin City for public repose
  • Unimoni has also conducted campaigns against Pollution
  • The local branch provided financial support to the farmers for Hebbeu tree plantation at Mysore
HEALTH – For a Good Life

4th April, 2018

Unimoni organised health camps and medical check-up facilities

  • Healthy and hygienic habits were inculcated in children at health camps
  • Inhabitants of old age homes are served with food on special occasions in Kochi
  • Relevant initiatives for the support of Cancer patients
  • Aid provided for surgery and treatment of patients
  • Installation of water dispensers at old age/specially-abled homes for clean drinking water on World Health Day
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