Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

Customer Grievance Redressal Policy

Customer Protection and Grievance Redressal Policy


The Company, Unimoni Financial Services Ltd (Former UAE Exchange & Financial Services Ltd), has adopted the following policy, in respect of handling customer complaints/grievances. This policy will be applicable to all customers of the Company. Customer service is extremely important for sustained business growth and as an organisation we strive to ensure that our customers receive exemplary service across different touch points. Customer complaints constitute an important voice of customer, and this policy details complaint handling through a structured grievance redressal framework. Complaint redressal is supported by a review mechanism, to minimize the recurrence of similar issues in future. The objective of the policy is to ensure that:

  • All customers are always treated fairly and without any bias.
  • All issues raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and resolved on time.
  • Customers are made completely aware of their rights so that they can opt for alternative remedies if they are not fully satisfied with our response or resolution to their complaint.

 To ensure this the Company shall: 

  • Ensure visibility and accessibility of complaint handling process to all complainants.
  • Provide access to grievance redressal policy to customer
  • Handle Complaints professionally & in a transparent manner.
  • Ensure Objectivity in the complaint handling process.
  • Provide Prompt & Responsive Complaint Resolution to the Customers.
  • Ensure confidentiality of Complainants information unless required for addressing the complaint
  • The customer is provided with information regarding the channels they can access to service their requirements and resolve their issues. In addition, the turn-around-time for issues to be redressed, including investigation and resolution will be communicated transparently.
  • Information on the process of escalation of complaints to the next level, in case the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the current level in the Company will be made available in the Company’s website.
  • Continually improve its processes & systems by taking inputs from customers, employees and other interested parties
  • The Company has forums at various levels to review customer grievances and enhance the quality of customer service.

 Details to be furnished in a Complaint: 

For effective redressal of the Complaint, it is important that the customer furnish complete details of the grievance to the Company which shall include both personal as well as transaction details viz., Name and address, contact Phone Number and/or E Mail Address, details of the complaint and the details of the transaction aggrieved from (such as the Transaction Voucher Number, type of service availed etc).

The company will ensure that the personal details furnished shall be used only for processing the Complaints registered under this Policy.

Time frame for response on complaints:

  • Normal Cases (other than those mentioned below): 7 (Seven) working days
  • Fraud/Legal issues (which need retrieval of documents/exceptionally old records): 21 (Twenty-One) working days
  • EMI related cases: 30 (Thirty) working days
  • Issues involving 3rd party (Banks/financial institutions/miscellaneous.): 45 (Forty-Five) working days

If in any case, additional time is required by the Company, the same will be informed to the customer with expected time lines for resolution of the issue.

Mechanism to handle Complaints / Grievance:

In order to effectively understand and address customer Grievances, the Company shall open multiple channels of communication. Customers who wish to provide feedback or send their complaint may use the following channels during the working hours, i.e.  09:30 am to 6:00 pm on all Company working days from Monday to Friday and 09:30 am to 02:00 pm on Saturdays, subject to Government/Company listed holidays.

Levels Modes/Escalation of complaints Tentative Response time
1st level
Branch Channel: Customer walk-in at branch and submit written complaint to the Branch Head.
Electronic and Telephonic: 
·         Customer may Email us at
·         Connect with us WhatsApp via No.: 99460 86666.
·         Call us at toll free Number: 1800 102 0555
·         Provide feedback at
·         Post complaint directly to:
1st floor, Airlines Building, M G Road, Kochi – 682011
As acknowledgment, mail / SMS will be sent to the customer along with the complaint number.
Within 7 days of receipt of complaint
2nd level In case, the customer finds the resolution inadequate or complaint unattended, customer can approach the Grievance Redressal Officer (GRO) (details as stated below) and submit the complaint along with the complaint number.

Mr. M C Rajesh
Tel: 98473 37156
Within 30 days of receipt of complaint

If the complaint is not redressed by GRO within a period of one month, the customer may approach the concerned Ombudsman/Consumer Education and Protection dept of RBI. 

Recording and Tracking the Progress of Complaint: All the complaints received by Company will be recorded and tracked for end-to-end resolution. For each submitted complaint, Customer will be issued a complaint token number. Whenever customer contacts the Company to track the progress of his complaint, he should quote this number, which will be helpful for the executive to respond with promptness.

The complaints would essentially provide valuable insight into areas of improvement within the Company’s internal processes and procedures (including automated processes) that impact the Company’s ability to conduct its business efficiently and successfully. The grievances/complaints received shall be analyzed to:

  • Identify and extract issues that concern the Policyholder.
  • Map processes of handling the issue, determine if the current process is followed optimally.
  • Identify root cause of complaints and erring units, if any.
  • Initiate process changes, if required.
  • Track the impact of process change

Staff Education on Complaints Management: 

The Company recognizes the need to continuously train and guide employees dealing with customers on the aspects of effective complaints management. In this regard employees shall be periodically trained on how to handle customer grievances in a timely and adequate manner. 

Review of the Policy: The policy will be reviewed at regular intervals.