International Money Transfer from Delhi

International Money Transfer from Delhi

If you witness somebody living abroad seeks financial help, if you are struggling to find a solution in the national capital to help them, then you don’t have an option better than an International Money transfer from Delhi. A lot of doubts will pop up about its security and reliability of an international money transfer, but remember there is always an answer to every question. When you find it is a necessity, why wasting time? Go for it, here we are with a helping hand.

In a nutshell

You can easily send a definite amount of money from your bank account in India to a beneficiary account in a foreign country. The maximum amount of money you can send is 2,50000 USD ( Approximately 1.8 Crore ) in a single financial year under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS). If the remittance requirement exceeds USD 250,000, you need to obtain prior approval from the Reserve Bank. When you make an international money transfer from Delhi, the money you send abroad will reach the destination in a couple of days. There are no restrictions on the frequency of transactions if it does not exceeds the annual transaction limit.

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    Your money is in safe hands

    If you join hands with us for an international money transfer from Delhi, we assure you that your money is in safe hands. All the procedures will be done under the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and will be documented properly. The proofs for your money transaction will be instantly provided to you and we are always keen to maintain transparency. As an AD -2 category licensed dealer, we have more than 330 branches all across India.

    Less Charges, More Result

    We will make sure that you are not overpaying for any hidden transaction charges. The transaction rates will be transparent and open for your analysis. The amount of trust you put upon us is valued the most.


    These are the necessary documents when you are moving forward with an International Money Transaction,

    • Permanent bank account ( PAN ) of the sender
    • Any government-issued photo ID card of the sender.
    • Bank account statement of the sender
    • Copy of the passport of the beneficiary

    Note: PAN card of the sender was not necessary before the amendment made on the RBI regulations in April 2018.



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    For what purposes

    According to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI, you can have an International money transfer from Delhi for the following purposes,

    • Private Visit
    • Maintenance of close relatives living abroad
    • Business travel or attending a meeting
    • Medical Treatment
    • Studies Abroad
    • Emigration
    • Processing fees for document registration by different government agencies

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      Why wasting time ?

      The amount of time wasting by getting confused on the steps you wish to make next will cause you some big set backs in life. Spend your time usefully with us. Don’t forget to make us on your primary list if you are trying to find a safest place from where you can make an International Money transfer from Delhi. We will help you to fulfill your needs with a couple of clicks. Just visit our website or keep in touch with our nearby branch.

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