International travel card from Delhi

International travel card from Delhi

If you are based on Delhi and planning to make an abroad trip, you must know about the international travel card which is the urbane and classy alternative of keeping cash while making a trip. Everyone knows that holding money in hand on a trip is so chancy as it makes individuals prone to robbers and losing money via other means. So, all the Delhi people who are regular travellers abroad, it’s high time for you to get an international travel card from Delhi.

Why is it cooler to get an international travel card from Delhi?

As mentioned above, a forex travel card is conserved with the cash value kept in the card. It can be loaded with more than one currency, henceforth it also came to be known as a multi currency travel card. Keeping a forex travel card from Delhi, while you move from your hometown to abroad is the coolest option as it helps you to avoid the risk of losing your money in any means. Also keeping money in the form of a card will prevent you from needless spending. So, an international travel card from Delhi is the sager and coolest option when you opt for an international trip.

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    What all things are required to get an international travel card?

    • Form A2/LRS Application
    • Loading/Reloading Form.
    • Copies of Passport, Air Ticket and Visa.
    • PAN Card
    • Remitter ID Proof.

    What is a forex travel card? How does it become the best travel card?

    An international travel card or multi- currency travel card is a prepaid travel card. It is an ideal substitute of carrying foreign currency in the form of cash while you make a trip abroad. It comes up with the facilities to load and reload foreign currency of the country that you are planning to go. It is the best travel card and a true companion to make your trip worry less.

    How does this prepaid travel card work?

    An international travel card from Delhi or the prepaid travel card works like an ATM card. The card will load with the selected foreign currency according to the country you visit. The international travel card is guaranteed with utmost safety and security that everyone must need on a trip. This prepaid travel card has an embedded microchip, that gives you the maximum level of safety as well as a peaceful mind.

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      How to load a prepaid travel card from Delhi?

      Multi currency travel cards from Delhi can be loaded from any branches of Unimoni. An international travel card user from Delhi can swipe the card in POS or else you can use it in any ATM’s as per your need. It will automatically calculate the conversions and issue the payment.

      How to get a prepaid travel card from Delhi?

      If you are looking for an international travel card from Delhi, then please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website and put a query or chat with us at the toll-free number 1800 102 0555 or Whats App us at +91 9946086666 or mail us at Your best travel card is now at your easy access!

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