Prepaid Travel Card in Delhi

Prepaid Travel Card in Delhi

Carrying cash always has been a threat even if you are in your hometown in Delhi. Demand for Prepaid travel card in Delhi is growing at an alarming pace, mainly due to its alarming facilities. It is simple and easy to use making you pay with swipes at POS or withdrawals at ATM anywhere across the world.

What is a prepaid travel card?

International travel card that enables you to carry cash in the form of a card. Simply load your multi-currency card with the desired currency of the country that you are going to visit. It offers you the safety and security you need when on the move. An embedded microchip gives you the highest level of security as well as the desired peace of mind.

How to load/ reload prepaid travel card at Delhi?

  • Multi- currency prepaid travel card, in Delhi you can load from any branches of Unimoni in Delhi
  • Load and reload through online payment options.
  • Your friends or anybody from family can load your card hence often the best choice for parents with students studying abroad

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    Where to go for a reliable service of prepaid travel card at Delhi?

    •  Always opt for a Reserve Bank of India licensed service provider that gives international travel card.
    • You can easily check the reviews from Google about the service provider before moving out to purchase.
    •  Best authorized dealer of category 2 provide the best rates, making you save on your foreign purchases
    • Learn all about it before making the final decision.

    How to make payments with a prepaid travel card?

    •  You can make payment by swiping the card in POS machines
    •  Allows you to withdraw money in foreign currency in from an ATM throughout the world.
    • Card will calculate the conversions and release the payment
    •  It has the ability to load multiple foreign currencies
    •  With travel you can carry a minimum amount of
    • Buy a Travel Card for a safe and relaxed journey while traveling abroad.



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    Who all looks for prepaid travel card in Delhi?

    •  Mainly the frequent business international traveler
    •  Overseas the student aspiring to study abroad
    •  Film shooters who are in need of unlimited funds
    •  Shopaholics who often exhaust their funds and look for more
    • easy mode to carry more cash in the form of an international travel card.

    What is so special about Unimoni prepaid travel card?

    •   Valid for 5 years
    • Free PIN/balance enquiry through Net Banking
    •  Statement of card account can be viewed through Net Banking
    •  Secured internet purchase through VISA card platform

    Why should you use prepaid travel cards?

    •  Combat forex conversion rates problem
    •  Most economical and smartest, way to carry foreign cash
    •  Exchange foreign currency worldwide
    • Use it for online transactions, at ATMs and merchant outlets abroad
    • Options to load/reload the card with major currencies as per requirement
    •  It is pin protected and has configurable spending limits to avoid spendthrifts
    •  You can fully replace the prepaid travel card in case it is stolen or lost.
    •  It holds 8 currencies in one card without the need to carry different foreign currencies or international travel card

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      Now make your travel most comfortable and luxurious with the help of a prepaid travel card in Delhi and do maximum shopping while you are abroad on holiday with a highly secured international travel card. A forex travel card is prepaid or preloaded giving access to money even in foreign lands. You can load multiple currencies depending upon the country that you are traveling to. It is just like your debit card, giving all the options of withdrawal and payments through swiping. Use it to know more about its convenience and travel smartly.

      Get the best prepaid travel card in Delhi

      Unimoni India stands as the biggest authorized dealer in foreign exchange business with branches all across the country. Being in the forex business for long, the company has always an upper hand in providing the best rates in the industry. The digital revolution has completely changed life. There are no shortcuts but reliable simple procedures and processes that could help to have smarter financial options in the fastest manner. Unimoni India is the pioneering tycoon in the world of financial services that has connected people across the nation with simple amenities that makes life much easier for all. Best prepaid travel card in Delhi is just a touch away! Visit in person at the branch addresses as mentioned below

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      NEW DELHI-110 092

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