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Everything about International Money Transfer

There is nothing much to know when you really wish to make an International money transfer if you have a money transfer agent provider that you can trust hundred percent. Which means, you have came to the right place. Join hands with us, we will let you know how easy to make an international money transfer from Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

Let us begin with some simple steps

Share Permanent Account Number, PAN

  • Submit (the) other necessary documents
  • Select the mode of payment after (entering) confirming the amount you wish to transfer
  • Submit the beneficiary account details After sharing these details, Service provider will takes care of fund transfer.

You may get wondered about its swift nature. The money will reach your loved ones with a couple of days.

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    Take a note on these

    As mentioned already, PAN card is a must for the transaction. It should be noted that It was not necessary till an amendment was made on the regulations of RBI in 2018.A photo attested ID card of the sender along with the (transaction details) passport copy of the beneficiary must be submitted. Since the it is mandatory to specify your purpose of transaction, our help will be needed to know which are the permissible and prohibited purposes of transaction according to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI.

    Note : Some other documents might be necessary in order to prove the purpose of transaction or your relation with the beneficiary as requested by the provider.

    Better than conventional banking procedures

    There are few reasons we can point out in this account. First, you don’t need to go for the tedious paper works or long lines to make the transaction. Second, since we operates in international money transfer with rich experience, we know all the aspects of money transfer.(directly with the beneficiary there is no mediators involved and this which results in the complete transparency of the procedure). And finally, the transaction rates will be convenient since there is no hidden transaction charges involved. You will get an instant confirmation after the transaction and all the procedures will be documented and open for verification. This makes us the best for an international money transfer from Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.



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    Transaction Limit

    The maximum amount of money that can be remitted is fixed as 250000 USD per financial year. But RBI allows you to have any  number of transactions within the annual limit. It should also be noted that your transaction details will be saved after making the transaction and this will make your further transactions  more easy if  you wish to go forward with us in the future.

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      Then why wasting time ?

      Remember, delayed money may fail to meet its purpose. If your loved ones are desperately seeks for a financial help, then it’s not good to waste time. Especially when you are a couple of steps away from an international money transfer from Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. Take your mobile phone or laptop and make a click. By enjoying the comfort of your bedroom, you can have your transaction done

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