Foreign money exchange from Bengaluru

Foreign Money Exchange from Bengaluru

Partner with the right one for foreign money exchange

What will you do If there is some money left in your wallet when returning from a foreign trip ? Sometimes you will take it as a memory or souvenir but it is not possible when it is a little too much.  Unimoni will give you the right information and right guidelines that will definitely help you in making a foreign currency exchange from Bengaluru.

Foreign money exchange is essential when somebody is going for or returning after a foreign trip.The Indian currency in your wallet won’t do its purpose in a foreign country for sure and it is the same for a foreign currency in India. But before going on with a foreign currency exchange from Bengaluru, what all things you need to be careful about, ?

Trust the right ones

Only authorized dealers can exchange foreign currency as per the regulations of RBI. As a provider with  AD-2 category license, Unimoni assures the complete transparency and authenticity of your foreign currency exchange.

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    Important points to be noted  

    • The maximum amount of foreign currency that can be bought through cash is 50000 INR including GST and transaction charges.
    • For exchanges beyond this limit, online transactions or cheque must be needed.
    • The amount of foreign currency that can be carried by an Indian citizen while traveling abroad is 3000 USD or equivalent per visit.

    Carrying money in the form of foreign currency will be helpful for the small requirements like having some food, paying a cab or having some entertainments in abroad. But you also have the facilities to use a Prepaid Multi-Currency card paying through POS.



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    The necessary documents to go on with

    A photo attested ID card along with a  copy of your passport is the first necessary documents needed. It is to be noted that you cannot go on with a foreign currency  purchase without having a PAN card. Some other documents in order to prove the purpose of your visit may get required and we will help you to make all these documentation and procedures hassle free and easy.

    Most reasonable rates with fast transactions

    We offer you the most reliable and affordable exchange rates with a reasonable service charge no matter which currency you need to be get exchanged. As we completely performs the transaction according to the  market rates, you get the opportunity to compare it with others. Fast transactions will save your time as well as your valuable money. Your documents will be  saved with us and this will make your future transactions more easy.

    How to reach us ?

    Only you need to do is to make a call to our toll free number. You will get complete guidelines from our official website. So get rid of the old methods of tedious paper works and long ques. Be updated with Unimoni for a foreign money exchange from Bengaluru.

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