International money transfer from Gaya

When any of your friends, family or loved ones living abroad are experiencing financial difficulties, we strongly advise you to use an international money transfer from Gaya. It might be for paying semester fees, a setback in a relative’s company, or even a medical emergency. An international money transfer is the most effective answer for these concerns.

Simple processes should be followed.

Transferring money internationally from Gaya is not as difficult as you would believe.We promise to deliver the most efficient and straightforward international money transfer methods.

The papers that are required

  • The sender’s Indian passport/voter ID/Aadhar Card or any other government-issued picture identification card Pan Card copy
  • Copy of the Beneficiary’s Passport
  • Proof of Relationship in the Case of Maintaining Close Relatives Abroad
  • If the service provider requests it, the sender’s bank account statement.

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    These are the required documentation for an international money transfer from Gaya, according to the RBI’s Liberalized Money Remittance Scheme (LRS).

    Purposes of Remittance Identified by RBI

    Overseas education, student living expenses, gift remittance, emigration, tour remittance, medical treatment, participation in a global conference or training, business travel, and private visits are some of the most common reasons for remittances recognised by RBI. Where the criteria and methods vary depending on the supplier, in this case, our advice will be beneficial to you.

    What is the Transaction limit?

    The maximum amount of money you can send to any beneficiary account overseas in a financial year should not exceed 250000 USD. However, there are no limitations on the number of transactions you may perform within the transaction limit. Your records will be kept if you join hands with us for an international money transaction from Gaya, making future transactions with us more accessible and faster.



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    There are no hidden transaction fees.

    We will always prioritise preventing you from spending too much. You will undoubtedly be charged a flat price that is competitive with market rates, but we assure that you will not lose any further funds due to hidden transaction fees. You will receive a payment receipt, and the entire transaction will be recorded and accessible for verification. As a result, we are the ideal choice for international money transfers from Gaya.

    So please don’t spend any more time; the gap between us has been reduced to a single mouse click.

    Where to contact for an easy international money transfer from Gaya?

    If you are considering to send money abroad from India, and especially from Gaya, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website and put a query or chat with us at the toll-free number 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 9946086666 or mail us at You can also visit any nearby branches of Unimoni in Gaya to hassle less international money transfers from India.

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