International Money Transfer from Charminar

International Money Transfer from Hyderabad- Charminar

An international money transfer is the best way to give a helping hand for your loved ones living abroad and struggling with a financial crisis. In simple words, it is sending some money overseas from an Indian account to any beneficiary account..Non resident Indians are not eligible to make an International money transfer from India. It can be done for various purposes including maintenance of close relative, medical treatment abroad, higher education,private visits and business meetings. With Unimoni, you can make a fast and easy International money transfer from Hyderabad-Charminar with great ease.

Why Unimoni ?

The tendency to go with the traditional banking methods is quite natural when there is an immediate need for International Money Transfer from Hyderabad-Charminar. But there are a number of things which makes us much more better than your usual banking partners.

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    You Attractive Exchange Rates

    Conventional banking methods will usually charge you with a service charge along with a transaction fee with hidden mark ups. It is quite difficult for someone to be aware of these hidden fees which results in losing thousands in time. We can assure you a completely transparent transaction which will make you absolutely free from suspicious transaction charges. And you can save a great deal of money by comparing the exchange rates according to the mid market rules in real time. Flexibility and affordability plays an important role in our transactions.

    No compromise on Authenticity and transparency

    We assure you complete transparency with the transactions as an AD-2 category licensed service provider. All the procedures will be properly documented and monitored by the guidelines of RBI. Necessary KYC documents like your ID card, Pan Card, and Transaction Details  and the account details of the beneficiary is mandatory. You will get instant confirmations on the time of sending and receiving your money for sure. Kindly note that a resident Indian cannot go on with an International Money Transfer from  Hyderabad-Charminar without having a PAN card.



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    Customer friendly Approaches

    If you make a call to our nearest office, our executives will be there on your doorsteps and they will help you to initiate the transactions. You can even have the Email, Video/Audio calling facilities through our official website which you may have already noticed. After the verification of your KYC documents you can select the mode of payment. .Remember, the maximum amount that can be send abroad within a financial year is restricted as 250000 USD under Liberalized Remittance Scheme by RBI but there is no restriction on the frequency of transactions that can be made. Fair, Fast, transparent and authentic transactions makes us the best options that you have in making an international money transfer from Hyderabad-Charminar. What ever be the purpose, we will be there with you as a trustful partner.No need to waste time when you have all the facilities are there on your doorsteps. You have already one step ahead by reading this.

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                I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.

                  I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.