International Money Transfer from Jaipur

International Money Transfer from Jaipur

Best way to make an International Money Transfer

The need for sending some money abroad has increased a lot more than before. Increased trading, transport facilities and information technology has made the whole world come under a single umbrella. At this hectic age of technology, standing in a long line to make an international money transaction from Jaipur is not at all necessary. Especially in a time where everyone prefers to avoid crowds in order to prevent the pandemic.  first thing you need to do in order to make an effective and easy transaction is to find the best service provider who can help you in this account. Getting interested? We welcomes you Join hands with Unimoni with an open heart.

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It has to be noted that PAN card is a mandatory document to make an international money transfer from anywhere in India. It was not mandatory till 2018 when the RBI regulations went through an amendment. You must give any photo attested ID card of yours in order to make the transaction. Providing the account details of the beneficiary, selecting the mode of payment and confirming the amount need to be transferred will lead you go forward with the procedures. Remember, since the RBI needs to know the purpose of your transaction, some documents proving your connection with the beneficiary may be needed as per the request of the service provider.

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    We can assure you authentic and easy transaction procedure with the help of technological advancements. Since we operates under the strict guidelines of RBI as an AD-2 licensed authorized service provider, all of our  records will be properly documented and open for verification.



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    When you go with the conventional banking methods for an international money transfer, each bank will cost you different transferring rates which can be varied for several reasons. It should also be noted that these rates can go more higher in case of larger money transactions. But in Unimoni, there are no hidden charges and suspicious payments. We charge only a low flat fee which is open for analysis according to the updated market rules. We value the hard work through which you earned the money and take complete responsibility of its safe landing on the hands of your loved ones. Note :The maximum amount of money that can be sent in a financial year is 25000 USD under LRS of RBI. But there is no restriction on the number of transactions that can be made per financial year.

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      Each minute wasted for taking a wise decision may cause serious troubles in your life. So stop sleeping on it. You are just away from us.  We consider that it’s not only our job but our duty to help you in this period of an international struggle going on against the pandemic.

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