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People move to different countries for better job opportunities, for higher studies or for settling in a foreign country. There can be many other reasons for moving to abroad. The numbers of people moving to foreign countries are increasing day by day as people are ready to move out for better standard of life. Jalandhar also witnessed an increase in the number of people moving to foreign countries. Hence international money transfer becomes an important aspect in many people’s life in Jalandhar. There are many money transfer agents are available in Jalandhar but it is very important to approach the experienced and best service provider like Unimoni Financial Services Ltd, India to save time and money.

Essential Documents Required for Money Transfer:

The documents required for international money transfer mainly depends on the purpose for which you are transferring the fund. The basic set of documents required for overseas remittances includes:

  • A2 Form.
  • PAN Card copy.
  • Other KYC documents (based on purpose).

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    How safe are your money in International Money Transfer?

    Most of the service providers are transferring funds through SWIFT network. Although SWIFT transfer is considered as a safe money transfer system, there can be different issues in the process of traditional wire transfers. If you are transferring funds through reputed and experienced service providers, they will ensure that fund is transferred on time in the most secured way. So rely on authorized service providers in Jalandhar for your money transfer.

    Unimoni-the Best  Money Transfer Agent in Jalandhar

    Unimoni India is an Authorized Dealer II and a leader for Send Money Abroad in India with a good number of branch networks. Unimoni India is the first Company in India to get Authorized Dealer II license and specialized in Sending Money Abroad for majority of Indians. There is no place better than Unimoni Financial Services Ltd where you can experience fastest outward transfers with best rates.




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    Reasons why people transfer money overseas:

    People send money abroad for different purposes like:

    • Overseas Education.
    • Overseas Employment.
    • Emigration Fees.
    • Visa Fees.
    • Maintenance of Close Relatives.
    • Medical treatment abroad Etc.

    Key Points to Consider in Money Transfer from Jalandhar:

    Exchange Rates: Take note of the exchange rates while opting for the services. Foreign exchange rates are always fluctuating hence it is often advisable to check the rate especially in case of higher amounts.

    Service Provider: Choose the most secured and trusted service provider for international money transfers.

    Transaction Charges: It is often advisable to rely on authorized service providers who provide standard transfer fees.

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      Money Transfer Limits: One can send up to USD 2,50,000 under Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS) in a financial year.

      Time for Overseas Transfer: SWIFT Transfer can take up to 48 working hours for the funds to be credited to the beneficiary account in Abroad. Sometimes, the transaction gets completed much before this time limit, usually within 24 hours of doing the transaction.

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