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It is quite natural to have a lots of questions when you plan to send some money abroad. But it won’t do any good if you waste your valuable time sleeping over it. Remember, for every question, there is always an answer.If you are ready to join hands with us, it will lead you to find some quick answers. Do you want to find how easily you can make an international money transfer from Kodampakkam, Chennai?

Actually, International Money transaction is not a big deal. By definition it is just sending your money from an Indian account to a beneficiary bank account in another nation. It can only operate under the rules and regulations of RBI and hence authentic and transparent.We will help you to reduce the efforts that you might go through if you go with the conventional banking methods.

Some necessary documents
  • PAN card of the sender is a must
  • Any photo attested ID Card of the sender have to be submitted
  • Transaction details of the sender if required for the selected purpose)
  • Copy of the passport of the beneficiary.

Note : Since you RBI wants to know the purpose of your transaction, some other documents will be needed as per the request of the provider in order to prove your relation with the beneficiary.

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    Keep an eye on the essentials

    Since international money transfer can be done only under the regulations of RBI, a few mandatory procedures has to be noted. As per the amendment made in April 2018 by RBI, PAN card is a must for an international money transaction. The maximum amount of money that can be send to anyone around the world is fixed as 250000 USD per financial year irrespective of the number of transactions made. You can send money to any beneficiary account around the world but the RBI wants to know the purpose of your transaction. It can be a medical emergency, Payment of fees or even a business need. We will help you in this account to know which are the recognized and prohibited purposes of remittance recognized by RBI while making an international money transfer from Thane. You can have a bank account at a different financial organization, as can your recipient).



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    How much will it cost?

    International money transaction from Kodampakkam, Chennai is not as costly as you think when you go forward with us. The chance to pay some hidden transaction charges is high when you go with the conventional banking methods. We makes you free from these money loss in the name of some suspicious transaction charges and assure you complete transparency with the transactions. Make a call or tap a click. You are just near an international money transaction from Kodampakkam, Chennai.

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      How much money you can send ?

       Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI the maximum amount that can be transferred is limited to 250000 USD per financial year. At the same time there is no restriction on the number of transactions that you can make.

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