University fee payment from India | Money transfer from Kolkata

University fee payment from Kolkata

Kolkata houses some of the oldest monuments reminding of the colonial reign of the British. Educational institutions, thriving business hubs, and rich culture that has made it the most populous metros in India. The City of joy is packed with hectic life coupled with sweet delicacies, year-round festivities, and the oldest tram with the latest underground metro railway, etc. eateries that are available almost at every nook and corner with famous Bengali sweets. Industries are also thriving with full rigor bringing people from across the globe. Money Transfer for education from Kolkata is in high demand but the most important being to find the best and reliable service provider among the crowd of many.

What are the prerequisites for University fee payment from India?

  • The amount should be for paying the fees of a university or college for education.
  • The sender should be a close relative of the student to do money transfer for education purpose from Chennai.
  • The receiver should be a student of a University or college.

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    What are the documents required for University fee payment from India?

    • The most important and mandatory document is your valid ID proof and PAN Card
    • Application Form
    • Passport
    • Air Ticket
    • Visa
    • Certificates relating to the qualifications
    • Admission Letter from overseas College/University/Educational Institution.

    What are special requirements for GIC education payment?

    GIC of Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a Canadian investment offering a definite rate of return for a stipulated tenure with low risk profile.

    • Maximum amount of CAD 10200 for an academic year
    • Sender and receiver should always be the same student pursuing education
    • Name of the student, ID number and GIC is to be mandatorily mentioned.
    • Offer letter, student passport copy along with GIC Letter is required.

    Foreign currency demand draft is better known as FCDD

    What is FCDD?
    • FCDD or foreign currency demand draft is made in foreign currency with the desirable amount that needs to be remitted.
    • Most reliable instrument for Money transfer for education purpose from Bangalore to any part of the world.
    • Available in all exceedingly demanded currencies
    • Valid for 3 months
    • Primarily used for Education, Employment purposes, Immigration, Visa fees, etc
    • Payments can be done through Foreign Currency Demand Draft in foreign banks and get it cleared
    • Nominal charges are taking for making the draft
    • Rely on authorized financial institutions with a license from Reserve Bank of India
    How much money can be taken as FCDD?
    • Send up to $ 250000 per Financial Year under LRS scheme for education as per RBI guidelines

    What is TT or Telegraphic Transfer – SWIFT?

    Transfer of funds through telex/telegram, also known as Telegraphic Transfer (TT). Funds are transferred from the bank of the remitter in one country to the bank account of the beneficiary in another country

    • Most recommended and only electronic mode to transfer money as per the Reserve Bank of India
    • It has guaranteed pace and security for faster credits
    • Trouble-free and highly secured way to send money abroad
    • Almost worthwhile for every personal transaction under this method
    • You can transfer money directly to the bank accounts abroad

    How much money can be sent as TT?

    • Send up to 250,000 dollars in a year on a personal account
    • Transfer up to 1,000,000 dollars in a year on a business account
    • Send up to 10,000 dollars per day using a bank debit

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      How much money transfer for education purpose from Kolkata is possible?

      You might be sending money for University fee payment from India and that has a certain condition to be kept in mind which are

      • An amount of $ 250000 per Financial Year under LRS scheme is permissible for a student studying abroad per academic year, to do Money transfer for education purpose from Kolkata.
      • A student going from higher studies abroad can receive remittances up to $ 250000 per Financial Year under LRS scheme Indian close relatives to pay University fee payment from India

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      Where to contact for Money transfer for education purpose from Kolkata and to get the best money transfer rate?

      If you are looking t for Money transfer for education purpose from Kolkata, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website and put a query or chat with us at the toll-free number 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 9946086666 or mail us at

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