International Money Transfer from Kottayam

Big Problems and Simple Solutions in International Money Transfer

A lot of questions will pop up to your mind when preparing for an International Money Transfer from Kottayam. But it is not good to waste a lot of your valuable time to take the right decisions about the the right service providers to go on with. Unimoni can be the one who help you to find effective solutions for your problems in a very simple way. Let us find out how easily you can make an international money transfer from Kottayam in updated methods with Unimoni.

As a matter of fact, International Money transaction is not a big deal. By definition it is just sending your money from an Indian account to a beneficiary bank account in another nation.Only AD I & AD II category licensed agents are permitted by The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to perform an international money transfer. All AD I agents comes under banks and AD II refers to those agents which have got the specific license from RBI for money changes and remittances. Unimoni can assure you to an authentic transaction with less effort and stress as compared to the conventional banking methods that you have followed in previous times.

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    What are the benefits ?

    Unimoni is the first Company in India to get an Authorized Dealer II license. We are specialized in sending money abroad for years.International money transaction from Kottayam is not as costly as you think when you go forward with Unimoni. The chance to pay some hidden transaction charges is high when you go with the conventional banking methods but we makes you free from these money loss in the name of some suspicious transaction charges and assure you complete transparency with the payments.

    Easy steps with some necessary documents

    You have to submit the necessary KYC documents  like your Government issued ID card,PAN Card, etc. Remember, PAN Card is a mandatory document to make an International Money Transfer from any place in India. Confirm the amount you would like to send and select your mode of payment. Your debit/Credit card can be used to make payments.

    Some other documents regarding your purpose of remittance may get required.



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    Limit of Transaction

    Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) of RBI the maximum amount that can be transferred is limited to 250000 USD per financial year. At the same time there is no restriction on the frequency of transactions within this annual limit.

    You have already taken the first step for an international money transfer from Kottayam by reading this article. But if you really wish to go forward kindly visit our nearest branch or make a call to our toll free number. Our executives will be there on your doorsteps.

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      RBI wants to know the purpose of your transaction

      Private visits,Gift or donation,Going abroad for Immigration & employment,Maintenance of close relatives abroad,Travel for business,etc are considered to be the popular purposes of remittance identified by RBI.

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