Foreign Currency Exchange from Lucknow

Foreign Currency Exchange from Lucknow

Is it possible to go abroad with a wallet full of Indian money and spend it  there, just like spending it in our country? It may become a head ache for you to make a foreign money exchange from Lucknow without the help of a trustful service provider like Unimoni and that’s where we can help you. Especially when international travel has become common and easy for an average Indian citizen. But we cannot have foreign money transactions with everyone at any time since it is monitored by  RBI. We can help you to make an easy and effective foreign currency  exchange from Lucknow with authentic methods.

Necessary KYC Documents to be produced

  • Photo attested ID card of yours (Aadhar/ Driving License/Voter ID )
  • PAN card
  • Copy of valid passport

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    PAN Card is a mandatory document for any resident Indian to complete the procedures of foreign money (exchange) purchase from anywhere in India.

    Submission of these documents along with an A-2 form, which is an application cum declaration, will make you ready for a foreign money exchange from Lucknow.



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    Have to be aware of these

    One can carry a maximum amount of 3000 USD or its equivalent foreign currency in a single international visit. There is no limit on bringing  International money from abroad to India. But if it exceeds the limit of (10000) 5000 USD or its equivalent, it has to be informed to the Customs Authority. This must to be exchanged within 180 days. Our assistance and guidelines will help you to get rid of the tiring paper works of traditional banking methods and ensure the safety of your money.

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      Go on with simple procedures

      Only banks and AD-2 category licensed agents are legally eligible to make a foreign money exchange from anywhere in India. As a matter of fact, Unimoni is the first Indian company to be provided with an AD-2 category license and now it has become one of the most experienced service providers in the country with a number of trusted partners all around the world. Unimoni can offer you transparent and fast transactions with hassle free procedures. You can initiate the process by simply dialing our toll free number or using our contact facilities in our official website  even without opening an account. The transactions will be started in no time and will get completed with a number of easy steps.

      Better care with Exchange Rates

      We takes good care on maintaining the best exchange rates as compared to the mid market rates. Unimoni can assure you that you will be completely free from hidden transaction charges like your usual banking partners always do. Our service charges will be completely reasonable and you can make the transactions below the limit of 50000 INR through cash.Online methods or cheque will be needed for transactions above this limit.

      Why  sleep over the thoughts about your partners in foreign money exchange  when you have better options right on your doorsteps? Be quick, lets make a foreign money exchange from Lucknow today itself.

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                I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.

                  I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.