International money transfer from Ludhiyana

International money transfer from Ludhiyana

Simple and trustful, International money transfer in its new ways

The money transaction methods you follow will definitely depend upon your need. When you terribly need to give a financial help to someone struggling abroad, the first thing you may go with is running to a bank. But, as the world economy and technology had developed a lot, you have a large variety of options ahead. We would like to let you know, how fast you can make an international money transfer from Ludhiana.

You can get started by this by visiting our official website or contacting our nearest branch. As an AD-2 licensed service provider, we are responsible to solve your immediate needs with simple procedures.

Our officials will be on their way to your home with a dial.

The need for your International money transfer from Ludhiana can be anything. It can be about a Medical treatment, Business meetings and even for a vacation trip.In addition to these, Gift remittance, Emigration, Tour Remittance, Participation of Global Conference or training,  and Private Visits are identified as  some of the popular purposes of remittances by RBI.

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    According to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) there must be some necessary procedures to be followed. Kindly note that, you cannot go for an international money transfer from India without a PAN card. Submitting the other necessary documents like, photo attested id proof, transaction details of the sender  and passport copy of the beneficiary will be enough to go forward with the transaction. Relationship proofs may be requested to submit since we want know your purpose of the transaction, but it is no big deal and can easily be done.

    Flexible with the rates

    You must have to pay a flat fee for the transaction with us. But when you go with traditional banking methods, your transfer rates will be continuously fluctuating. In addition to that, possibility to loss money in the name of hidden transaction charges will also be there when you go for an international money transfer from Ludhiana.Since we go with the transparent and affordable flat fee,it will help you to save thousands over time.

    Note : The maximum amount that can be sent to a beneficiary bank account abroad is confined as 250000 USD per financial  year where any number of transactions can be made without exceeding this limit.



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    Trust has prime importance

    You cannot join hands with someone you don’t trust. Especially when it involves your hard earned money. We can make sure that your money will reach its destination without any delay. Your personal details will be saved in our system and this will help you to make further transactions with us more easy and  comfortable in the future.Our experience and past is the prime asset. That’s why we say, your trust won’t go in vain. So, no need to waste your time when you start your procedures for an international money transfer from Ludhiana with a single call. Just do it.

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                  I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.