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Money Transfer

Send and Receive money
across borders with ease

I would like to avail Money Transfer service

I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.

Money Transfer

Send and Receive money across borders with ease

I would like to avail Money Transfer service

I authorize Unimoni to contact me to explain the features of the product and other offers.

Product Details

Formerly known as UAE Exchange, Unimoni is a global financial company that has been a trusted
partner for over 2.5 million customers in India. Our expertise has been honed over 3 decades with a
commitment to enable our customers to realise their goals.

Money Transfer Suite

Complete money transfer solutions – A product for every need

Transfering money is now very easy anywhere in Nepal, Far East, GCC, Europe, UK and USA.

Unimoni has tie-ups with very strong and prudent market players to enable hassle-free and easy money transfers to India. Bringing them all together at once place to provide multiple solutions to your financial needs.

These affiliates provide quick, safe and convenient solutions for migrants who send money back home to their relatives, for tourists in need of emergency cash, and for students and their parents who need to pay for education and accommodation.

Giving prime focus to the needs of globe-trotters and expatriates, the service has been created after rigorous market research and analysis. It is offered with the most customer-friendly charges, best exchange rates and continuous support.

Fast, easy and hassle-free Money Transfers: Simply come to a Unimoni Branch and deposit the amount you wish to transfer. You do not need a back account or credit card for this. Your beneficiary can collect the money through any of the branches or agents of Unimoni with just his/her photo ID and transaction number. You will receive an SMS alert once your beneficiary collects the money.

Safe & Secure: The unique code which you receive against your transfer keeps your transaction safe and secure. Only your beneficiary can collect the money with his/her photo ID and the unique code that you share with him/her. You can track your money anytime, anywhere, through the Unimoni Online transaction tracker. In addition, Unimoni offers you the convenience of 24×7 customer support.

Across continents: Through our world-wide network of branches and partners, Unimoni can help you transfer money anywhere across the globe.

Best Rates: Unimoni offers the best rates in the industry.

Our Partners

Xpress Money | Money Gram | Prabhu Money Transfer | Instant Cash


Xpress Money/Money Gram

a. Find a convenient Unimoni location near you.
b. Make sure you have your reference number and I.D. with you for pick-up.
Reference Number: Ask your sender for the reference number for the transaction. This number is on the receipt provided in the sender location.
ID: You will need to bring a valid photo I.D. (passport, national I.D. or residence permit) and may also be asked to provide proof of your address (bank statement or utility bill).
c. Complete the transaction.
d. If required, complete a simple Receive Form entering the Reference Number given to you by the sender. Hand the Receive Form and your valid photo I.D. to the person at the counter to receive your money

Prabhu Money Transfer

Prabhu Money Transfer is a leading remittance company registered in Nepal with many international branches/agents in different part of Asia and America. It is in the business of helping people send and receive money across the world in minutes. Its large and diversified network connects Nepal and facilitates fast, convenient, secure and affordable money transfers.

a. Visit a Prabhu Money transfer agent
b. Fill out a send money form
c. Make sure the beneficiary’s name is spelt correctly
d. Hand over the amount to be transferred and the transfer charges
e. Give the beneficiary the unique control number

The country or location you are sending money from is called ‘Send Country’.

The country or location in which the beneficiary is receiving money is called ‘Receive Country’ i.e. Nepal. Depending on the country you are sending money to, your beneficiary will be able to collect cash at one of our agent locations, or receive the money in their bank account, or receive it on their Card. You need to choose the mode of payment in the receive country at the time of making the money transfer

Any Government-authorized ID with a photo fixed in it, such as a PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, National ID, etc. is accepted as proof of identity. However, the IDs accepted in Nepal are Citizenship ID, Government ID, Driving License and Passport.

Instant Cash

Simply visit your nearest Unimoni Branch. The Branch staff will guide you through the easy procedure.

All transfers happen instantaneously i.e. your money payment instruction reaches the paying agency within seconds and can be collected there and then.

You will need to inform the beneficiary as to where to pick up the money. Additionally, the centre that receives the payment instructions calls your beneficiary to collect the payment from them.

Yes, all transactions are recorded, by providing signed and stamped receipts from the agent.

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