International Money Transfer From Mumbai

International Money Transfer From Mumbai

You may get confused when deciding to make an international money transfer from Mumbai about its authenticity, safety and transparency.  But listen, you are not alone. Your problem can be easily solved by the right provider who can read your mind. Would you like to take a look?

The best feature of International Money transfer from Mumbai is its security and authenticity. Since we operates under the strict guidelines of RBI as an AD -2 licensed provider agent, you can put your trust upon us without any doubt. With the increased use of technology, you can go through the procedures with the comfort of sitting at your home through mobile phone or laptop and hence avoid the difficulties of being in long ques and crowds.

Limit of transaction

RBI has declared that the maximum amount of money that can be transferred by a resident Indian from an Indian account to an overseas account is 250000 USD per financial year under Liberalized Remittance Scheme. There is no limit for the possible number of transactions.

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    With a lightening speed

    Right amount of money in the right time serves its purpose. The delay of a few minutes may cause your dreams to crash onto the ground. We are always vigilant about that for sure. That’s why we  give prime importance to the easy access and fast transactions.

    Where you can begin ?

    If you have completed reading this, well, you have already started the procedure for an international money transfer from Mumbai. Now let’s go further. Visit our website or contact our nearest branch. You won’t get disappointed.



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    The essential KYC documents needed

    According to the Liberalized Remittance Scheme of RBI, PAN card of the sender is mandatory since 2018 for any international money transactions. Photo attested ID card of the sender along with the copy of the passport of the beneficiary is a must. In addition to this, the bank transaction details has to be produced for the verification if required by the service provider. As an overview, these are the necessary documents suggested by the regulations of RBI but it can be varied from (bank to bank) service provider to another.

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      For what all purposes you can make do a remittance transaction?

      There are RBI guidelines for the possible purposes of International money transfers. Some of the popular purposes of international money transfer acknowledged by RBI are,

      • Educational purposes
      • Medical Needs
      • Business Needs or International Conferences
      • Processing fees for registration of documents by governments
      • (Migration) Emigration
      • Employment necessities

      Note :  Don’t hesitate to produce any other documents requested by the service providers regarding for the purpose of International money transaction from Mumbai. This point can be included under heading essential KYC documents mentioned above.

      Understanding the best transaction rates

      When you try to make an international money transfer from Mumbai, it is important to make a clarity about how much amount of money will get reduced in the name of transaction charges when it reaches the destination and the charges need to be given to the service provider. We will make sure that you will be less charged and all the transaction costs will be transparent. With the best transaction rates and better experience in international money transfer from Mumbai, we will make you free from all hidden charges.

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