Money Exchange in Phagwara

In terms of volume, the foreign exchange market is the largest. In this platform for buying and selling currencies, international banks, financial institutions, and individual clients exchange or deal with one another. Demand and supply, as well as other market variables, drive exchange rates. Don’t be alarmed or agitated by the procedures involved in foreign money exchange in Phagwara. You may convert currencies at the best rate and in the most straightforward method from Phagwara with the aid of an authorized service provider.

How can you obtain the best currency exchange rates while in Phagwara?

For currency exchange from Phagwara, you may locate various approved and unlicensed service providers in your area. To acquire the best prices and reliable records for your transactions, you should only get currency exchanges from authorized Reserve Bank of India dealers. Unauthorized agents may lure you with lower charges than authorized agents. Still, the reality is that you will not receive legal transaction paperwork from them, which might cause you problems later. Unimoni was the first firm in India to receive the AD II licence from the RBI for foreign exchange operations so that you can trust them with your currency trades.

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    Documents Required for Currency Exchange from Phagwara:

    The following are the basic KYC Documents required for Currency Exchange:

    • Currency Sale: Aadhar/ Driving License/ Voter’s ID/ Passport.
    • Currency Purchase: bring Passport copy, PAN copy and Visa/Ticket.

    How much foreign cash may you bring on a vacation abroad?

    The RBI has established a limit of $3,000 or equivalent in foreign currency each visit in notes and coins. Under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme for Resident Individuals, the total ceiling for an individual is $2,50,000 each financial year.



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    What is the maximum amount of foreign cash you are allowed to carry from another country?

    You are permitted to bring any quantity of foreign cash from outside the United States. However, if you exceed specified restrictions, you must get a statement from the airport customs authorities, which is referred to as the Currency Declaration Form (CDF). Also, when you exchange foreign currency with an agent, you must make this disclosure. A CDF is necessary when a person’s foreign exchange in the form of currency notes and traveller’s checks reaches US$ 10,000 or its equivalent at any given time, or when the total value of foreign currency notes brought in by such person exceeds US$ 5,000 or its equivalent at any given time.

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      Unimoni India is a leader for foreign currency exchange in India with many branch networks. If you are considering for foreign currency exchange, especially from Phagwara, please feel free to contact us by visiting our website or call our branch in Phagwara or mail us at

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