International Money Transfer from Pune

International Money Transfer from Pune

Are you looking for someone who can help you with an International Money Transfer from Pune?

Here we are, with an open heart and some effective solutions for your concerns.

What are your choices to do when any of your loved ones living abroad face a huge financial crisis?

No need to get panicked, It is the right time to go for an international money transfer. As a matter of fact, the need for International Money transfer has increased a lot in recent times.

International Money transfer from Pune is not a complicated process as you think. We assure you that, we can provide the best way of International Money transactions in an effective and easy-to-understand procedure.

The necessary documents needed

According to the Liberalized Money Remittance Scheme (LRS ) of RBI. Here is the list of necessary documents needed for an international money transfer from Pune.

  • Indian Passport/Voter ID/Aadhar Card or any other government-issued photo id card of the sender
  • Pan Card copy of the sender
  • Beneficiary passport copy
  • Relationship Proof, in case of Maintenance of close relatives abroad
  • Bank Account statement of the sender

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    Purposes of Remittance Identified by RBI

    Overseas education, Living expenses of student studying abroad, Gift remittance, Emigration, Tour Remittance, Medical treatment, Participation of Global Conference or training, Business Travel, and Private Visits are the popular purposes of remittances acknowledged by RBI. Where the criteria and procedures vary from bank to bank. The criteria and procedures vary from one service provider to other.

    What is the limit of Transaction?

    A resident individual can transfer money from India to any beneficiary abroad up to the limit of 2,50000 USD. Approximately 1.8 Crore in a single financial year under Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS). As per the amendments made in 2018, now it is compulsory to produce the PAN card for all international transactions regardless of the amount being transferred.

    Note: The money transfer must be initiated from your personal savings account for Resident Indian.



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    Less risk and more Transparency

    You may be always doubtful about the efficiency of sending a check via email. There is always a chance for the check to be lost if there can be some transaction failures. But when you join hands with us and go for an International Money Transfer from Pune, you will be able to get instant confirmations and can make sure that the money you send will definitely meet its purpose. And here we are to help you with the best services available in the market and with the best experience in money transactions.

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      Keeping an eye on transaction rates

      It is very important to make sure that you are not overpaying. When you make an International M0ney Transaction, it is mandatory to pay a flat fee according to the mid-market exchange rate. Make sure that you are not losing any extra money in the name of any hidden charges and don’t feel confused in deciding the best provider for your transactions

      It’s high time to make a decision about the next step you wish for your loved ones living abroad. So don’t waste time. Go ahead with your transactions with a couple of steps.

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