Send money abroad from Srinagar

Send money abroad from Srinagar

Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir embodies romance and beauty in its perfect state. It is well placed in the valley of Kashmir, literally means ‘the city of wealth & abundance’. With the advent of tourism, manufacturing units, and many more businesses thriving to make it a happening city. If you are planning to go abroad for higher studies, business, enjoying holidays, etc. then you can confidently choose a friendly place, where you can continue your studies and travel a lot without worries. While traveling abroad, it is obvious that we get tensed about the currency exchanges, air ticket, etc. but nowadays a lot of online portals are there to help you. So stop worrying and continue your journey without further doubts.

What are the reasons to send money abroad?

People may send money abroad from Srinagar due to several reasons. Such causes that influence the transferring of money from Srinagar include; Meeting educational, Tourism and medicinal expenses

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    Steps in Sending Money Directly to a Person

    • Select the partner to send money abroad from Srinagar
    • Choose the receiver and provide the complete details and correct location.
    • Choose the exact amount to send
    • Choose the mode of payment
    • Give the address proof of receiver
    • Transfer the amount

    How to send money abroad from Srinagar

    • Choose a partner to send money abroad from Srinagar
    • Choose the receiver and provide the complete and accurate details of him/her
    • Provide the correct details of the bank account and choose the amount to send
    • Select the mode of payment give the receiver’s information and address proof.

    What are the methods to send Money abroad from Srinagar?

    Unimoni India, the prominent foreign exchange company provides various services for the fastest and secured transferring of money from Srinagar through FCDD and Swift transfers.

    What is an FCDD – Foreign Currency Demand Draft?
    • Available in all exceedingly demanded currencies
    • Validity longs for 3 months
    • Primarily used for Education, Employment purposes, Immigration, Visa fees, etc.
    • Honest technique of money transfer from Srinagar.
    • Also deposit money with the FCDD in abroad banks
    What is a TT (Telegraphic Transfer) – Swift?
    • Personal dealings are also allowed under this.
    • You can select your amounts using online portal or by using our mobile app
    • It’s an electronic method
    • Easier method for sending money from Srinagar
    • Can send money from Srinagar easily and directly to the bank accounts overseas.
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    What are reasons to send money abroad?

    While sending money to a foreign land you might be in great anxiety on its safety or necessity of a reliable dealer who can make your money transfer trouble free. Finding a best dealer will take care of your necessities while transmitting money overseas and guard you from the risk of any theft or loss of money. This generates the essential for an acknowledged dealer who acts as a monitor, consultant for risk free transfer of money to overseas.

    Being an expert dealer in foreign exchange and many other associated services, Unimoni India is having two decades of glorious knowledge in the field of foreign exchange. By guaranteeing everlasting and most appropriate provision for all the overseas transferal related activities, company has realized confidence and belief of our customers all across the nation. Company propose versatile services available at any time as per the prerequisite of the customers, residing anywhere in the world.

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