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Congratulations! You have chosen wisely to pursue IELTS here at this Institute. With the classes in this Institute, they offer the possibility of working, studying or migrating to one of many English-speaking countries worldwide. Whether it be Australia, Canada, New Zealand or any other English-speaking country – they all require proof that you can speak their tongue well enough before they grant entrance.

IELTS is a grade on a scale of 1-9, and grades typically go up depending on how well someone does, so if you want to apply for residency anywhere in English-speaking countries, you will need an excellent score first! Those who can achieve a score of 7 or higher are generally eligible for tertiary programs that use English predominantly in their curriculum. Furthermore, if someone wishes to go about travelling abroad and stay there indefinitely – they will also need at least a 6. Over 11,000 employers internationally recognize it, including universities, schools and immigration authorities worldwide.

Those who have a Band score of 9 are an Expert User, 8 is considered a very good user, 7 falls under Good User; 6 being called Competent User; 5 falls under Modest User; 4 falling under Limited User category; 3 falling under Extremely Limited User category; 2 falling under Intermittent User category and finally 1 being called Non-User.
Here are some of the advantages of achieving a good band score:

  • Helps you gain admissions to top universities.
  • Assists with professional registrations.
  • Best career opportunities in foreign countries with attractive salary packages.
  • An excellent IELTS score can help you get approved for visas easily.
  • Show off your achievements! Adding IElTS score card will help your LinkedIn profile stand out from the
  • If you want to live abroad and work there, you’ll need an English language ability certificate.

Studying abroad has many advantages

  • To See the world.
  • Travel and explore
  • Quality Education
  • Worldwide friendships
  • Career opportunities with attractive salaries
  • Enjoy the freedom
  • Be a professional in your chosen field of study
  • Build self-confidence
  • Learning opportunities
  • Good communication skills

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“Sponsor My IELTS Course”

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You can even refer friends studying for the IELTS–everyone deserves these fantastic cash prizes! In the first week of Oct 2022, we will select 6 winners through a lucky draw and give a sponsorship amount of Rs. 15,000 to the first winner and Rs.10000 each to the second & third winners. 4th, 5th & 6th, the winners will get Rs.5000 as a consolation prize for participating in this campaign.

Winners should produce course-related supporting documents, an authorization letter from their Center Head on their letterhead, PAN card details and KYC requirements when claiming this amount.

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