UNIMONI Multi-Currency Card Terms & Conditions


Welcome to the world of privilege!

We request you to take a moment to go through the terms and conditions that govern the usage of the card. Usage of the Card will be deemed as your acceptance to the terms and conditions herein contained.


Activate and Activation refers to the activation of the Card to enable the Card Holder to use the Card.

ATM means an Automated Teller Machine on a shared network, at which, amongst other things, the cardholder can use their Card to withdraw cash.

Branch means any branch of Unimoni Financial Services Limited from which the card has been purchased within India.

Card means the pre-paid Unimoni Multi-Currency Card, with ATM and merchant access/online access and functionality, including any Replacement Card, issued to the cardholder.

Card Holder means Purchaser of the Card.

Customer Care means any services, including call center services, provided by the Unimoni Financial Services Limited or through third-party service provider of Unimoni in connection with the Unimoni Multi-Currency Card.

Card Fund means the aggregate sum of all Currency funds loaded onto the Card in each Currency and available in the Card for transactions with specific limits for each currency.

Currency means, any one (1) or more of USD (United States Dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (Great Britain Pound), AUD Australian Dollar), CAD(Canadian Dollar), SGD(Singapore Dollar), NZD(New Zealand Dollar), THB (Thai Baht), AED(UAE Dirhams), SAR Saudi Arabia Riyal) and any additional currency that Unimoni Financial Services Limited may make available in connection with the Card from time to time.

Emergency card means a card that has been provided to the customer abroad when the customer’s card is lost or stolen.

Inactivity means any period of non-use of the Card for withdrawals at ATMs, Point-of-Sale transactions at merchant locations or online e-commerce transactions at websites.

Merchant or Merchant Establishments means establishments/shops, wherever located, which accept/ honour the Card as a means of payment.

Network Companies means  the network companies means who is authorized by the global or local regulators to provide license to the Issuer “Bank or financial Institutions” and to manage the financial transaction communication between cardholder, Merchant/ATM and Issuer processing system.

PIN means a unique Personal Identification Number, allocated to each Card.

POS means Point of Sale terminals at Merchant Establishments, capable of processing transactions and at which the cardholder can use the Card to make purchases.

Processor means the processor means the card management system which is typically called third-party system or In house system to manage the card and its financial transaction between cardholder, Merchant/ATM and network companies.

Purchase Location means any branch of Unimoni or store of an Agent of Unimoni from which you purchased the Card, within India.

Replacement Card means any Card provided to the Cardholder on request, in accordance with the Terms & Conditions, to replace a lost, stolen or damaged Card, and includes Emergency Card.

Security Details means the information given by you when applying for the Card or during Activation, or any changes made to this information.

Schedule of Charges and Limits means the table of fees and limits defined by Unimoni, and any fees or limits updated by the Unimoni from time to time.

Unimoni means Unimoni Financial Services Limited (formerly UAE Exchange & Financial Services Limited), a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956  and carrying on Foreign Exchange business in terms of the “Authorised Dealer Category II” license issued by the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) and having its administrative office at First Floor, Airlines Building, MG Road, Ernakulam – 11.

Any references to ‘Card‘ also include any Replacement Card, wherever appropriate.


  1. The Unimoni Multi Currency Card may be purchased and held by any Indian Resident or an Indian Body Corporate (for use by itself, its authorised employees or its representatives), subject to applicable legal and regulatory restrictions and/or requirements in force from time to time.
  2. The Card can be loaded in any available Currency, viz. USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD, NZD, THB, AED, and SAR. The Currencies available in respect of the Card may vary from time to time. If Unimoni introduces a new Currency to the Card, these terms and conditions shall apply to the new Currency and the Card Holder shall be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions in respect of the new currency so introduced by Unimoni from time to time.
  3. The amount to be held in each Currency in the Card shall be determined by the Card Holder and the Card Holder shall ensure that he/she is having sufficient funds for all transactions undertaken by him/her using the Card.
  4. The Card Holder has to complete and submit a duly signed application form as required by Unimoni and further submit all such documents as may be necessary or required by Unimoni for the issue and use of Unimoni Multi-Currency Card.
  5. Unimoni shall not pay any interest, compensation, [reward points] or any benefit/bonus to the Card Holder in connection with the Card Funds and the Travel Card Funds does not constitute a deposit by the Cardholder with Unimoni nor does it entitle the Card Holder to any Overdraft/Credit facility.
  6. The issue and use of the Card, in addition to the present terms and conditions, shall be subject to the Rules and Regulations laid down by Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (“FEMA”), Network Companies and Processor/ Unimoni from time to time.
  7. Card loads or reloads will be credited to the Card Fund only when Unimoni or our agent receives equivalent cash funds from the Card Holder. No individual can apply for multiple Cards.


  1. The validity period of the Card shall be 60 months from the ‘Valid from’ date mentioned on the Card. Subject to all the conditions being satisfied, the Card will be activated within a period of 24 hours of receipt of cash and other requisite documents from the Cardholder. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours (or as advised by the Purchase Location), before you are able to use the Card. The minimum amount to be loaded onto the Card shall be 100$ in the respective currency or as specified by Unimoni from time to time.
  2. The maximum amount loaded on the Card shall be in compliance with the limit prescribed under the FEMA and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations in force from time to time.
  3. Upon issuance of the Card the Card Holder shall immediately sign on the reverse of the Card. The Card, as may be issued by Unimoni is the sole property of Unimoni Financial Services Limited and is not transferable and will be honoured at Merchant Establishments only when the Card bears the signature of the Card Holder on the reverse and only upon presentment at a Merchant Establishment by the Cardholder.
  4. The Card can be used worldwide wherever Network Companies cards are accepted at any ATM and/or Merchant Establishments and/or for transactions through online/internet, provided there is sufficient funds available in the Card for the transaction, including and not limited to any applicable fees. Even if the Network Companies Acceptance mark may be displayed, the Card may not operate in some countries, due to restrictions and/or sanctions. The Card is for use in electronic terminals or ATMs only and shall not work in manual or offline terminals. The Card will be accepted only at Merchant Establishments that have an electronic point-of sale swipe terminal and / or PIN pad terminal. Any usage of the Card other than electronic use will be deemed unauthorised and the Cardholder will be solely responsible and liable for such transactions.
  5. Due to FEMA provisions and prescribed regulations, the Card cannot be used at ATMs or merchants in India, Nepal and Bhutan, or for internet purchases where the website is registered in India, Nepal or Bhutan, or at websites accepting payment in Indian Rupees or the currencies of Nepal and Bhutan . You also agree that Unimoni is offering these services in countries (other than India, Nepal, or Bhutan or such other countries as deemed fit by Unimoni from time to time) on best effort basis and that Unimoni will not be liable or be held liable for non-availability of services at any of the countries due to any reason whatsoever.
  6. The amount of each cash withdrawal or transaction and fees applicable for any transactions (including balance inquiry) will be debited immediately from the Currency/Card Funds (and therefore the total Card fund) of the Card Holder, and these debits will reduce the balance of the applicable currency wallet (and therefore the total Card Fund). Each transaction will require valid authorisation or validation before its completion and once a transaction is authorised, Unimoni cannot cancel/stop the transaction for any reason whatsoever. In the event that there are insufficient balances to honour the requested transaction, the transaction will not be honoured.
  7. Unimoni and the Merchant Establishments may reject the use of the Card based on the advisory received from Network Companies / Internal Compliance policy or at the discretion of Unimoni.
  8. If there are insufficient funds in a particular currency wallet to pay for a transaction, the Cardholder can prefer/set priority of currency wallets held on the Card through online portal and the transaction will be automatically processed using other currency wallets held on the Card in the order of priority request set by the Cardholder. If there are still insufficient funds to pay for a transaction after using the entire balance of all Currency Wallets according to the priority set by the Cardholder, the Card/transaction(s) will be declined. In case of use of any currency for transaction in different currency using the Card, applicable currency conversion charges may be deducted.
  9. The Card is solely for the use of Cardholder and is not transferable or non-assignable to any other person by the Card Holder under any circumstances. The validity period of the Card shall be 60 months from date of issue of the Card. After expiry, the Cardholder shall not be able to use the Card for any transaction. The Cardholder is entitled to contact the Unimoni branch for a renewal Card and Unimoni may in its absolute discretion and subject to the existing instructions issue renewal card on receipt of relevant charges from the Cardholder and on the specific request of the Cardholder. Unimoni or our affiliates assumes no responsibility of informing the Cardholder about the expiry of the Card. Upon expiry, the Cardholder may obtain refund of the balance from Unimoni or request Unimoni to transfer the balance funds to a new Card, and Unimoni will charge the card holder for providing such services.
  10. The Card Holder shall not use the Card for money transfers, and/or any unlawful purposes including accessing or purchasing goods from adult or gambling locations or internet sites, or for any unlawful activity and the Card Holder undertakes to keep Unimoni harmless on demand and also undertakes to make good all or any loss, claims, costs or damage to Unimoni in connection with the unauthorised usage of the Card, including any penal action arising there from, on account of any violation of RBI guidelines or rules framed under the Foreign Exchange Management Act ( 1999) or violation of any laws in force in India or in the country where the card is being used.
  11. The Card is only for your use and expires on the date on the front of the Card. Upon expiry you will not be able to use the Card. Please contact our Customer Care Center or Branch for a new card. Unimoni and/or its affiliates assume no responsibility of informing you of the expiry of your Card. Upon expiry you will still be able to obtain a refund of the balance in accordance with the Agreement, or you may choose to transfer the remaining funds to a new Card. You may be charged for this service.
  12. If the Card is lost or stolen while travelling, the Cardholder may contact Unimoni Customer Care and request to block the lost card and to get an Emergency Card or request a new Card (“Replacement Card”), subject to applicable fee. If the Cardholder is in India and requires a Replacement Card, the Cardholder shall visit the nearest Unimoni Branch. The balance of the existing Card will be transferred to the Replacement Card. Blocking of the lost card can be initiated by the Cardholder through card holder portal/app as well.
  13. If the card is not active for a continuous period of 180 days or more, an inactivity fee will be charged as per the schedule of fees.
  14. The Card shall not be used for investments or imports or for any restrictive activity as per applicable law (which as such, are subject to specific regulations).
  15. Any usage of the Card which is inconsistent with or in contravention of the terms and conditions is not permitted. The Cardholder will be sole liable and responsible for any usage of the Card which is inconsistent with or in contravention of the terms and conditions.
  16. If the Cardholder is entitled to refund/credit in respect of any transaction, Unimoni will credit/transfer the same to the Card in the applicable Currency wallet subject to applicable fee, as and when it is received from the Merchant Establishments. Unimoni accepts no responsibility and or liability for any delay caused in this regard, for any reason whatsoever. A purchase and a subsequent credit for cancellation of goods / services shall be treated as two separate transactions. The refund, if any, so entitled to the Card Holder will only be credited to your account (less applicable charges) as and when it is received from the Merchant Establishments. If the credit is not posted to your Card account within 30 days from the day of refund, you must notify Unimoni, with a copy of the credit note / void slip from the merchant. Unimoni accepts no responsibility and / or liability for any delay caused in this regard for any reason whatsoever.
  17. The Cardholder can reload the Card during the validity period of the Card within the limits prescribed by FEMA, from time to time. Reloads will also be subject to the restrictions, if any, imposed by legal or regulatory requirements in place from time to time. Where the Card has been issued to the Cardholder at the request of the employer of the Cardholder for business related travel, the authorised employer nominated in the application form can reload the Card with additional funds at any time, within the above restrictions. The Card can be reloaded at any Unimoni Branch in India only in the same currency in which the Card was issued by filling in a reload form and furnishing the required documents at a reload fee as per the Schedule of charges specified by Unimoni from time to time. Unimoni reserves the right to limit the reload amount onto the primary / principal purchase amount, in accordance with the regulatory guidelines and compliance norms of Unimoni.
  18. Unimoni may, at its sole discretion, utilise any of the services of external service provider/s or agent/s and on such terms as necessary, in relation to the Unimoni Multi Currency Card.
  19. The Card may also be used for electronic transaction on the internet where the payment for the transaction is to be made in foreign exchange. The Cardholder may surrender the Card at any point of time and obtain refund of the Card Balance subject to applicable fee. The refund shall be made in Indian Rupees only, as per the currency exchange rates prevalent on the day of refund. In case there is an unsettled transaction on the Card, a fee may be charged by the purchase location for this service in addition to the fee specified in the fee and limits table, the Cardholder shall have to wait for ten (10) days before the refund can be honored.
  20. You may redeem the unspent Card Fund through the Unimoni Purchase Location. Payment will be in Indian Rupees and the exchange rate will be determined by the Purchase Location of Unimoni. A fee may be charged by the Purchase Location for this service, in addition to the fee specified in the Table of Fees and Limits.  Please check with the Purchase Location where your Card has been issued to you at the request of your employer for business related travel, you agree that the authorised employer nominated on the application form can redeem any unspent funds.
  21. Use of the Card at any unauthorised location or for any purpose other than as permitted by the Unimoni is strictly prohibited and may result in cancellation of the Card by Unimoni. Currently, the Card cannot be used for making payments towards foreign currency transaction in India, Nepal, and Bhutan as mentioned in Clause 5 above. Unimoni will not be liable for any loss, direct or indirect, that may be suffered by the Cardholder as a result of any unauthorised use or cancellation of the Card.
  22. The Card enables the Cardholder to obtain the cash by withdrawal from ATMs and/or ascertain information as to the balance on the Card at ATMs or make payments at Merchant Establishments through POS terminals or make online transactions at websites. Cash withdrawn at an ATM with the Card, shall be in a currency as permitted by the ATM Network which owns/operates the ATM at which the withdrawals are made. The equivalent in the currency in which the Card member’s Account is held, subject to any additional processing charges, conversion charges or any other fees, if any, charged as per Network Companies regulations in connection with such transactions, will be debited from Card Balance by Unimoni.


  1. The Cardholder must do all that is reasonably required to keep the Card safe and the PIN and other Security Details secret and safe from misappropriation by any third party at all times. Card Holder shall agree not to permit any unauthorized person to use it and shall take all necessary precautions and measures to safeguard the Card from any misuse of the Card and shall keep or retain the Card under your personal control at all times. Unimoni will have no liability to the Cardholder for any losses the cardholder may incur/suffer as a result of the Card getting misused.
  2. Unimoni will never ask the Cardholder to reveal any Card credentials like Expiry date, CVV and PIN.
  3. The Cardholder shall maintain the confidentiality, safety and security of PIN, and note that the failure to observe confidentiality, safety or security of the PIN can result in the Cardholder incurring liability on the Card. The Cardholder shall ensure that he/she does not reveal his/her PIN to anyone and takes all precautions to prevent anyone else seeing his PIN being entered in an ATM or POS Terminal. The Cardholder shall not allow anyone else to use the Card, PIN or any other security information related to the Card and shall not disclose the PIN to anyone.
  4. For Security reasons, the Card holder is advised not to share his PIN details with anyone or write it down anywhere. If the Card Holder forgets the PIN, the Card Holder shall contact the Customer Care Centre of Unimoni to reset the PIN.
  5. The PIN may be disabled if an incorrect PIN is entered three times. If the PIN is disabled, there may be a twenty-four hour delay in reactivating the PIN for ATM use. The Cardholder may not be able to reactivate the PIN for use of merchants.
  6. If the Card or PIN has been lost, stolen or misused or if the Cardholder suspects that the Card could be misused by someone else or someone else knows the PIN or security details, the Cardholder shall call Customer Care immediately without delay. Upon request (in writing or over call) by the Cardholder, Unimoni will block/suspend the Card to prevent further use. After blocking of Card and the PIN, the Card cannot be used by the Cardholder again. Unimoni’s customer care centre will assist the Cardholder in replacing the lost, stolen or damaged Card. The Cardholder shall pay replacement charges for the Card as directed by Unimoni. Unimoni may take such steps to replace or re-issue the Card originally purchased, as deemed fit by Unimoni subject to the terms and conditions as set out by Unimoni.
  7. The Cardholder shall be required to confirm the details of any theft or misuse of the Card to the Customer Care of Unimoni in writing and shall assist Unimoni and the police in any enquiries.
  8. Unimoni shall have every right to suspend the Card, with or without notice, if Unimoni is of the view that the Card has been or is likely to be misused and/or if the Cardholder has committed breach of any of the terms and conditions or if Unimoni suspects any illegal use of the Card. If Unimoni blocks/suspends the Card, the same will be informed to the Cardholder, unless such disclosure is prohibited by law or would otherwise compromise fraud prevention or security measures.
  9. If a transaction has been conducted by using the PIN, it shall be deemed that the transactions conducted or instructions given shall be by the Cardholder. The bank/Unimoni shall not be liable for any theft/misuse of the Card or any liability on the Card and the upkeep of the Card, PIN etc., is the sole responsibility of the Cardholder. The Cardholder will be responsible for transactions affected by the use of the Card, whether authorised by the Cardholder or not, and shall indemnify Unimoni against any loss or damage caused by any use of the Card or related PIN, including any penal action arising there from on account of any violation of RBI guidelines or rules framed under the FEMA or any other law being in force in India and / or any other country / State / Continent / Territory wherever located in the world at the time, notwithstanding the termination of this terms and conditions.


  1. The Cardholder shall pay and hereby authorise Unimoni to debit the fees from the Card Fund as set out in the Schedule of Charges. All fees will be debited in the respective Currency. If there are insufficient funds to pay such fees in the Card in the respective currency, then Unimoni will automatically deduct funds from other Currencies. The fees charged by Unimoni will be subject to change from time to time and the change in the applicable fees may be notified by Unimoni either directly and/or through www.unimoni.in. For business travelers also, standard fees shall apply as per schedule of charges, unless the Corporate with whom they are employed with/associated with is offered a special fee.
  2. From time to time, the respective bank may limit the amount that can be loaded on the Card, and/or the amount that can be withdrawn from ATMs or spend at Merchant establishments over certain time periods. The Merchant Establishments and ATM networks may also impose their own limits on the amount that can be spent or withdrawn over a specific time period, and the cardholder will be bound by such restriction.
  3. The Merchant Establishments or ATM Networks may charge additional transaction fee for using the Card for making a withdrawal or to purchase goods and/or services and the cardholder will be liable to pay such fee, if any.
  4. The details on the fees that apply to the Card presently are given in the Schedule of Charges.
  5. Inactivity fees will be charged to the Cardholder for inactivity period, which will be directly debited to the respective card account of the Cardholder. Any inactivity Fees applicable for inactivity period, maybe revised/changed by Unimoni from time to time without prior intimation to the Cardholder and the Cardholder waives notice to itself for the same.


  1. Unimoni bears no liability for any unauthorised or any fraudulent use of the Card. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to ensure the confidentiality of the Card and PIN at all times.
  2. The records of transactions as provided by Unimoni and/or Unimoni’ s third party service providers’ in connection with the Card shall be conclusive and binding on the Cardholder for all purposes.
  3. If any errors in the Card transactions are noticed and/or any Card transaction could not be recognised, the Cardholder must notify Customer Care immediately within fifteen days of the transaction debit date. The respective bank will request the Cardholder to provide additional written information concerning any such Card transaction, if required, and the Cardholder shall comply with such request on immediate basis.
  4. The Cardholder must check the transaction history and balance at frequent intervals.
  5. The Cardholder will be solely liable for all losses in respect of the Card if the Cardholder has
  • acted fraudulently.
  • failed to use the Card in accordance with the terms and conditions.
  • Failed to notify Customer Care Centre without undue delay on becoming aware of the loss, theft or misuse of the Card, within fifteen days of the transaction.
  • Failed to take all reasonable steps to keep the Card’s security features safe.
  1. Unimoni is not liable for any fraudulent or unauthorised use of the Card. If the Cardholder requests Unimoni to investigate a transaction and if the investigation reveals that the disputed transaction has been authorised by the Cardholder, or that the Cardholder has acted fraudulently, Unimoni may charge the Cardholder an investigation administration fee for those investigations.


  1. If an ATM displays a balance for the Card Fund, then this may be displayed in USD or in a different currency, in which case the exchange rate applied may be different to that applied by Unimoni and hence discrepancies can arise. An ATM will not display a balance for each Currency. An accurate balance for each Currency can be obtained through Customer Care Centre or by logging in to the Unimoni cardholder portal.
  2. Until the expiry of the Card, the Cardholder can add funds to each Currency through the Unimoni Branch or through other methods made available by Unimoni from time to time, subject to the Terms & Conditions and applicable law.
  3. The Cardholder may also be able to make a balance enquiry at some ATMs, although availability is dependent on the country and the ATM used. The Cardholder may have to pay a fee as fixed by the ATM Network for balance enquiries in such cases.
  4. Unimoni shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage sustained by the Cardholder by any direct or indirect use of or reliance on the electronic communication, orders or messages. Unimoni shall also not be liable to the cardholder for any loss or damage caused arising in connection with the card services on account of interruption to internet and online systems or stoppage to the access to and/or use of the Card services arising on account of circumstances not attributable to the bank or beyond control of Unimoni. Unimoni does not warrant to the cardholder that the information sent over the internet may be completely secure and/or that the card services will be provided uninterrupted or free from errors.


  1. The Cardholder can enquire with the Unimoni Branch for the exchange rate before making a load or a reload transaction. Foreign exchange rates are subject to variation and the rate that applies one day will not necessarily be the same on any other day.
  2. There are five (5) instances where foreign exchange rate will apply:
  • Initial load (s) or reload (s), where funds are loaded in foreign currency;
  • Where the Cardholder refunds the available balance of the Card.
  • POS transactions & online transactions, where the transaction is in a currency that is not one of the Currencies available on the Card.
  • ATM withdrawals where the Local Currency is not one of the Currencies available on the Card.
  • Where funds are allocated from one Currency wallet to a different Currency wallet.
  1. If an ATM withdrawal, a POS transaction or an online transaction is made in a currency which is different to any of the available Currencies on the Card, or exceeds the relevant available Currency balance on the Card, the amount will be funded by converting the transaction amount into the next available Currency balance on the Card in the order of priority fixed by the Cardholder.
  2. If the Cardholder closes the card, or request encashment of the Card Fund, these funds will be converted into Local Currency (INR). The foreign exchange rate used for the same will be set and determined by the Unimoni Branch and shall vary each day. A fee may be charged by the Branch for this service as is specified in the Schedule of Charges. The Cardholder can also contact the respective bank branch for more information on the applicable exchange rate.


  1. Unimoni reserves the right to cancel/withdraw the card or any of the other services offered in relation to the Card at any time without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  2. The Card would automatically stand cancelled upon surrender. The Cardholder must immediately cease to use the card and destroy and return all replacement cards (if any) that are linked to the Card funds. In case of any outstanding Card transaction that have not yet been debited to the account, the same will be netted off from the balance prior to Unimoni refunding the balance amount.
  3. The Card holder will be responsible for all the charges incurred on the card whether or not the same are a result of misuse/fraudulent use and whether or not Unimoni has been intimated of the destruction of the card.
  4. The card is the absolute property of Unimoni and must be returned to Unimoni immediately and unconditionally upon request by Unimoni. The Cardholder is requested to ensure that the identity of the officer of Unimoni is established before handing over the Card.
  5. Unimoni shall be entitled to terminate the Card facility with immediate effect and the Card shall be returned upon the occurrence of any of the following:
  • Death of the Cardholder.
  • Failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions herein set forth.
  • The Cardholder becoming the subject of any bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings or any proceeding of a similar nature.


  1. Unimoni shall have the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without notice to the Cardholder. The latest version of the Terms and conditions will be available on www.unimoni.in .The cardholder shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these terms including amendments thereto as may be posted on the Unimoni website. 


  1. The cardholder shall inform the Branch/Customer care immediately if there is any change in his/her name, address, phone number or email address or any other relevant details as provided by the cardholder.
  2. The Cardholder accords his/her/its explicit consent to Unimoni/its Service Providers to disclose the Personal Information collected from the Cardholders to third parties for various purposes such as providing Card Services, for data analysis (including market research), anti-money laundering, detection of crime, legal compliance, enforcement, fraud prevention purposes etc. The Cardholder also agrees that Unimoni may disclose, in strict confidence, to other institutions, such Personal Information as may be reasonably necessary for reasons inclusive of but not limited to participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network, in compliance with a legal directive, for credit rating by recognised credit scoring agencies, or for fraud prevention purposes.
  3. By purchasing and using the Card, the Cardholder accords his/her/its consent to Unimoni for sharing information’s submitted by the Cardholder with Network Companies and Processor for the purpose of facilitating the Card service. The Cardholder further understands and agrees that the Processor shall be entitled to use such information in accordance with the applicable Data Protection Laws and Privacy Rules of the land and the Cardholder shall not raise any claim against Unimoni or the Processor, in this regard.
  4. Unimoni reserves the right to report to the Reserve Bank of India, all the expenditures undertaken by its Cardholders in foreign currencies to ensure that the permissible entitlements are not exceeded by the Cardholder and that the Foreign Exchange Management Act. 1999 is not contravened.


  1. Unimoni shall not be liable for any direct or consequential or indirect damages (including lost profits), extraordinary damages, or special or punitive damages.
  2. Unimoni shall not be liable to the cardholder in respect of any losses the cardholder or any third party may incur/suffer in connection with the Card, arising directly or indirectly out of the purchase and use of the card.
  3. Unimoni shall not be responsible for:
  • ensuring that ATMs, POS terminals and e-commerce websites will accept the Card (or)
  • any loss or inconvenience caused by local regulations or because of the lack of uniformity in local regulations or facilities available at ATMs, POS terminals and e-commerce websites and/or fees or charges levied directly by any ATM and/ or POS terminal / e-commerce website operators (or)
  • any merchant error in processing a transaction, for any non-acceptance of the Card, for disputes, including but not limited to, the quality of goods or devices purchased on the Card or any additional fees charged by the operators of ATM and/or POS terminals/ e-commerce websites.
  1. The Cardholder agree to unconditionally pay Unimoni for any losses, damages, claims or expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) Unimoni may incur due to the failure of the cardholder to comply with all or any these ‘Terms & Conditions’.


The Terms & Conditions and any disputes, which arise under it, shall be governed by Indian law and subject to the non- exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Ernakulam.


  1. The Cardholder may call the Unimoni customer care centre (+91 484 4367888), in event of any queries or complaints in connection with the Card. Alternatively, the Cardholder may email Unimoni at travel.cards@unimoni.com.
  2. In case of complaints, the Cardholder should provide sufficient and correct details in writing to Unimoni in order to enable Unimoni to investigate and respond on the complaint or query appropriately. The Cardholder shall provide (i) name, address and Card number of the Cardholder; (ii) a detailed description of the transaction and/or the complaint (including the date of the transaction and the location of the ATM/Merchant Establishment/Website address) and the basis or reason for the Cardholder to dispute the transaction or raise a query or complaint; and (iii) the transaction amount the Cardholder shall also furnish any further information/document as required by Unimoni for investigation or resolution of the matter, the Cardholder hereby agrees to provide the same.
  3. If the Cardholder has received funds in excess of the Card/Travel Funds, the Cardholder agrees to promptly repay Unimoni any such funds upon such terms and conditions as Unimoni may specify. Unimoni further reserves the right to recover such excess funds from Cardholder account, upon such terms and conditions as Unimoni may specify and in such an event, the Cardholder shall pay to Unimoni unconditionally the entire amount outstanding on the Card and/or the funds received in excess of the Card Balance.
  4. Unimoni does not make any representation and/or warranty to the Cardholder (or any person claiming by or under the Cardholder) about the quality of the goods purchased/proposed to be purchased/ hired or otherwise and/or of services availed of/proposed to be availed of by use of the Card with/ at any person including the Merchant Establishment/s or for any delay in delivery of the goods/services, non- delivery of goods/ services, or receipt of defective/sub-standard goods/services by use of the Card with/at any person including the Merchant Establishment. Disputes or claims in connection with the quality of the goods purchased/ hired/and/or for any delay in delivery of the goods/services, non-delivery of goods/services, or receipt of defective/sub-standard goods/services by use of the Card must be mutually and directly resolved by the Cardholder (or any person claiming by or under the Cardholder) with such person/Merchant Establishments without reference to Unimoni.
  5. Unimoni shall be under no liability whatsoever to the Cardholder in respect of all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, losses, damages, personal injury (including actual or perceived loss of reputation, defamation or the like), costs, charges and expenses whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of: (i) any use of the Card and/or PIN; (ii) the refusal by any person or Merchant Establishments in honouring or accepting the Card; (iii) any ATMs/ POS terminals that malfunctions or is otherwise out of order, and whether resulting in such terminal not accepting the Card and/or PIN or otherwise; (iv) misuse or fraudulent use of the Card by any person including the Cardholder; (v) any statement made by any person requesting to a surrender/cancellation of the Card or any act performed by any person in conjunction thereto; (vi) handing over of the Card by the Cardholder to a person other than the designated employees of Unimoni at Unimoni’s premises; (vii) the exercise by Unimoni of its right to demand and procure the surrender of the Card prior to the expiry date stated on its face, whether such demand and surrender is made and/or procured by Unimoni or by any other person or ATMs/ POS terminals; (viii) the exercise by Unimoni of its right to terminate any Card; (ix) the re-possession/ cancellation of the Card and/or request for its return; (x) any mis-statement, mis-representation, error or omission in any details disclosed to Unimoni; (xi) decline of processing of the Card and/or PIN due to such Card exceeding foreign exchange entitlements, or (xii) upon terminating, suspending, blocking or declining of the use of the Card.
  6. In consideration of Unimoni providing the cardholder the services, the cardholder shall, at his own expense, indemnify on demand and hold Unimoni, its directors and employees, representatives, agents as the case may be, indemnified against all losses ,expenses, claims including third party claims, suit, action or other proceeding which the Unimoni may incur, sustain, suffer or is likely to suffer in connection with and/or as a consequence or by reason of providing card services to the cardholder.
  7. Notices under these Terms and Conditions may be given by Unimoni and the Cardholder in writing by delivering them by hand or by sending them by post to the address given by the Cardholder and in the case of Unimoni to Unimoni Financial Services Limited, Administrative Office, First floor, Airlines Building, MG Road, Ernakulam – 11. Notice and instructions will be deemed to be served days after posting or upon receipt in the case of hand delivery, cable, telex or facsimile.


  1. In certain countries, the acquiring banks may choose to activate the feature of “Dynamic Currency Conversion” on their ATMs and POS machine network. As per this facility, the ATM / POS machine identifies the Unimoni Multi Currency Card as a card issued from a foreign country and prompts the customer to transact in their “home currency” (in the case of Indians, this would be Indian Rupees). If a customer selects the “home currency / INR” option, the transaction will be blocked. Dynamic Currency conversion in INR is not permitted in the Unimoni Multi-Currency Card.
  2. We urge you to note that as the Unimoni Multi-Currency Card is purchased and loaded with the purpose of using the Card in the respective foreign currency, the customer must avoid selecting any option that prompts for a change in usage currency, to avoid any adverse exchange rate.
  3. The “Dynamic Currency Conversion” feature may appear with differing terminology depending on the overseas bank.
  4. Unimoni will not be responsible for any “Dynamic Currency Conversion” related charges, in case they are levied on account of wrong usage of the Card.
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