How can I send money abroad?
  • Customers can book and pay outward remittance within our portal .
  • Get in touch with us through toll free number: 1800 102 0555 WhatsApp number: 9946086666 or mail at customercare@unimoniindia.com or request a call back to book a send money abroad option. We will call you back to update you regarding all the details.
To whom can I remit for the purpose of ‘maintenance of close relatives?’
1. Father (including step-father) 2. Mother (including step-mother)
3. Son (including step-son) 4. Son's wife
5. Daughter 6. Daughter's husband
7. Brother (including step-brother) 8. Sister (including step-sister)
9. Husband and Wife. --------------------------------------
How can the beneficiary staying abroad receive the amount?
Sending money through wire transfer enables the beneficiary to get credit in his account.
Are there any frequency in restriction of remittance?
No. The total amount of foreign exchange purchased or remitted through, all sources in India during a financial year should be within the cumulative limit of USD 2,50,000/-.