In a simple way, Make an international money transfer from Coimbatore

Before some years, it is quite normal for someone to run to a bank for sending some money to their loved ones living abroad. You had no other popular choices than a money order or a bank transfer. But, now the world has evolved into a number of updated money transaction methods. The only thing you need to be serious about is to find the right service provider for your transactions. Join hands with us, Unimoni Financial Services Ltd, India, we will help you in making an International Money Transfer from Coimbatore in an easy and more effective way.

When you decided to go with us for the transaction, we will ensure that the fund credited to the beneficiary account on time and you won’t face any troubles in the name of additional documents or transaction processing delay.


  • Indian Passport/Voter ID/Aadhar Card or any other government issued photo ID card of the sender.
  • PAN Card copy of the sender.
  • Beneficiary passport copy.
  • Bank Account statement of the sender (based on the purpose of the transaction).

Note that, you cannot go on without submitting the PAN card of yours since it made mandatory in 2018 by RBI.

These are the popular purposes of remittances acknowledged by RBI.Our guidelines will help you in identifying the permissible and prohibited purposes of remittance since the whole transaction procedure operates under the guidelines of RBI.

A resident individual can transfer money from India to any beneficiary account abroad up to the limit of 2,50000 USD ( Approximately 1.8 Crore ) in a single financial year.But there is no restrictions on the number of transactions that can be made.


As an AD-2 licensed service provider with great experience in money transfer services, our transaction methods are completely transparent and authentic.The whole procedures will be properly documented and is open for verification

More care with Lesser Rates

When you go with the traditional banking method, a bank will have to convert your money into foreign currency and this can be done in different ways according to the policies made by different banks. This results in the fluctuation of transaction rates charged by each bank. There also involve the risk for losing your money in the name of hidden transaction charges and this risk becomes higher when you go with larger amounts. But with us, you will only get charged with an affordable flat fee which is transparent no matter where the transferred money is going. We will make sure that you won’t get charged by any suspicious charges and will keep deep concerns on its affordability.

Then why do you wait to make a dial? Let’s join hands together, we can easily make an international money transfer from Coimbatore.

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