Canada stands as the best destination for education as more than half a million international students fly out from all across the globe. No wonder GIC payments to Canada are so popular making it highly demanding in the industry. High quality of life, best immigration openings, budgeted education fees, a large number of globally-recognized colleges, and the most attractive part is the high opportunity to work once you complete your studies.

Once you have made up your mind for studying in Canada then you have 2 options SPP and non-SPP or general. Students Partnership Program or SPP and non-SPP among which SPP needs detailed proof of funds or GIC payment to Canada proof is required whereas the other one does not. Educational loans, other investments, and savings in the form of deposits in banks are call considered financial assets that could be placed as proof of funds.

Students aspiring to study in Canada have always been confused with GIC payments. Many are looking for mediators and other sources to get it done. It is most essential to gather more information about the Canada GIC and how it works, before diving headlong to go for GIC payments to Canada.  Try exploring a bit through all your online resources to learn further and proceed with confidence.

How to start a GIC account in Canada?

Most of the Banks in Canada offer an online process to start GIC accounts, you have to prefer a bank with a wide network especially in your staying area. After the opening of the GIC account bank will provide an account with payment instructions to the GIC account to get your GIC payments to Canada credited.

How much GIC payments to Canada is required?

The minimum amount required to fund a GIC account is CAD 20,635. Effective January 1, 2024, the Canadian government has increased the minimum GIC payment amount from CAD 10,000 to CAD 20,635 per student. This change has been made to reflect the adjusted cost of living better.

How to start a GIC account in Canada?

Guaranteed Investment Certificate popularly known as GIC is an investment scheme that recommends international aspirants of overseas education specially in Canada.
A Guaranteed investment certificate popular as GIC, is an investment account offered by Canadian banks mainly for international students. The Canadian government has started this initiative mainly for students who are pursuing the Study Direct Stream program or SDS program. In this program, the student has to deposit the amount in the account considered to meet their living expense for one year. This account acts more like a saving account that offers a fixed amount to all eligible candidates.
Students deposit a fixed amount, such as $20635, into their Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) account. This money is then released to the student monthly, proportionally covering their study and living expenses, including interest.


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Do you need a GIC account to make GIC payments to Canada?

You can apply either through Study Direct Stream Program (SDS) or General Application for each College.
SDS initiated by the Canadian Government empowers you to apply to Canadian Universities easily and also for visa processing. No wonder students applying under SDS have more choice of colleges rather than through General Applications.
GIC account is mandatory only for those students pursuing education in Canada under the SDS stream. Students can opt for General Applications also but have to go through a tedious process of, first identify a particular college, course and then apply for it. Students have to make separate applications for each college. SDS initiated by the Canadian Government empowers you to apply to Canadian Universities easily and also for visa processing. No wonder students applying under SDS have more choice of colleges rather than through General Applications.

How to buy a GIC to study in Canada?

  • Open an account with a secured mail
  • Place your GIC program Application
  • Deposit the amount to your account for GIC payments to Canada
  • Now it’s time to apply for your Visa or study permit
  • Finish the requisite documentation

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    How we can send money to a GIC account in Canada from India?

    Get in touch with one of the best service providers who give reliable services near your location and ensure that the agent is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India to do this service.

    How to make your GIC Payments to Canada?

    You are sure to possess a savings account in your home town. Place a request to send money abroad for GIC payments to Canada. Submit all your required documents to start the money transfer.)

    How much time does it take to get GIC certificate?

    Once all your documentation is successfully complete. You will get your GIC certificate within 5- 10 working days.
    GIC payments to Canada are gaining momentum and expected to rise in demand even in the coming years. GIC stands as an assurance to the government of Canada that you have enough money in your account to take care of your living expenses for at least a tenure of one year in Canada. Your GIC helps you to have quick processing of your Canadian Visa/study permit

    Unimoni India helps Indian students heading to Canada send money to their GIC accounts quickly at the cheapest rates and with minimum charges. For more information on how to apply for the Student GIC and details on how it works, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website and put a query or chat with us at the toll-free number +91 9633095522 or WhatsApp us at +91 7994496791 or mail us at

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