Delhi stands as the undaunted business hub that attracts multinational giants and business tycoons to build their empire. It still stands as the trading business hub of north India that led to the evolution of various businesses. Hospitality, aviation, banking, and various other industries have cropped up and thrived to become the leading industrialists with businesses outflowing to countries abroad.

Must-knows about Foreign Currency Exchange in Delhi

  • Authorized currency exchangers in India have a regular analysis of the market fluctuations and consistently comply with the regulatory norms. Hence it’s essential to check with an authorized foreign currency exchange dealer for better rates.
  • These exchange offices provide the cheapest and best currency exchange rates
  • It is often advisable to avoid currency exchange in airports during the last-minute rushes to catch the flight
  • Check online for foreign currency exchange rates to know are the best rates available.
  • Exchange foreign currency that is leftover with you with the nearest currency exchange dealer at the earliest as its illegal to hold foreign currency for long
  • Get a foreign currency card for your travel abroad to swipe at POS or for other overseas payments
  • Try carrying 60% of the money required in cash while traveling abroad

How important it is to have foreign currency for travel abroad?

You can save money while buying currency with these simple tips

  • as much currency as required

    You have a travel destination and the desired currency that you require hence buy foreign currency only as much is required and not in excess. Mainly the currency exchange rates fluctuate leading you to pay extra while converting into INR or home currency. It is also risky to carry around lots of cash while traveling.

  • Take note of country-specific payment modes.

    The country that you have decided to visit might have different facilities for making payment, it could be card payment through POS or cash payments. Some countries have widespread acceptance of cards while others rely on cash. Hence it is always best to study a bit about the country and their preferred mode of transactions to be prepared with cash and pre-paid cards as per the country-specific requirement.

  • Prepaid Multi-currency Card is the best support in foreign travel

    You can load your amount to a Prepaid Multi-currency Card that gives the security of rate locking and safety from theft. Carry the card with ease and make payment through swiping at POS. In case the loaded currency gets exhausted, you can ask your friends to reload from the home country so that you can again start using the card while on the move. Reporting a card loss will lead to card locking, ensuring no misuse of your funds. Hence it is particularly safe and reliable in foreign travels.


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