Kolkata, the City of joy is packed with hectic life coupled with sweet delicacies, year-round festivities, the oldest tram with the latest underground metro railway, etc. It houses some of the oldest monuments reminding of the colonial reign of the British. Educational institutions, thriving business hubs, and rich culture have made it the most populous metros. Industries are also thriving with full rigor bringing people from across the globe. Foreign currency exchange in Kolkata is of high demand but the most important being to find the best and reliable service provider among the crowd of many.

What to do with the leftover foreign currency?

Exchange foreign currency that is leftover with you with the nearest currency exchange dealer at the earliest as its illegal to hold foreign currency in Kolkata for that matter in India for long.

Currency exchange has become an inevitable part of our life. More friends and relatives moving abroad has made foreign currency exchange a frequent necessity.

How much foreign currency can be carried in travel?

  • Try carrying 60% of the money required in cash while traveling abroad
  • Get a foreign currency card for your travel abroad to swipe at POS or for other overseas payments
  • The maximum permissible amount in the form of cash is Rs.50, 000/-.
  • Authorized dealers often recommend to transact amount above Rs.50, 000/- through online modes.

Who can be trusted with foreign currency exchange in Kolkata?

  • Reserve Bank of India licensed currency exchangers are sure to give a reliable service as they are accountable to the regulators.
  • These service providers have a consistent study of market rates, making them masters in it and provide the best rates in the industry.
  • Online space gives enough live rate option to check before approaching these service providers.
  • Last-minute buying or selling of foreign currency in airports are often a costly affair
  • Various fake currency dealers with no valid license exist in the marketplace and approaching them might lead to mishaps.

Get as much currency as required

You have a travel destination and the desired currency that you require hence buy foreign currency exchange in Kolkata only as much is required and not in excess. Mainly the currency exchange rates fluctuate leading you to pay extra while converting into INR or home currency. It is also risky to carry around lots of cash while traveling

Prepaid Multi-currency Card is the best support in foreign travel

You can load your amount to a Prepaid Multi-currency Card that gives the security of rate locking and safety from theft. Carry the card with ease and make payment through swiping at POS. In case the loaded currency gets exhausted, you can ask your friends to reload from the home country so that you can again start using the card while on the move. Reporting a card loss will lead to card locking, ensuring no misuse of your funds. Hence it is particularly safe and reliable in foreign travels.

Take note of country-specific payment modes

The country that you have decided to visit might have different facilities for making payment, it could be card payment through POS or cash payments. Some countries have widespread acceptance of cards while others rely on cash. Hence it is always best to study a bit about the country and their preferred mode of transactions to be prepared with cash and pre-paid cards as per the country-specific requirement.

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