Srinagar stands as the undaunted summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir that embodies romance and beauty in its perfect state. The city of wealth and abundance has an elegance of its own it burgeoning business in tourism, manufacturing, education, and much more. Many have moved out to countries abroad with higher life aspirations and many others planning for more. Be it a leisure or educational trip or for a job, one needs to be prepared with the basic essentials to go on with life abroad. Foreign currency exchange is an essential requisite for any trip moving out of the country. Currency exchange in Srinagar is easier than earlier.

Foreign Currency exchange in Srinagar is simple and easy. All popular foreign currency such as US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, or Japanese Yen, are all easily accessible at the best rates. Sell or buy foreign currency at the best rates from your nearest location with the least processing time.

How to exchange foreign currency in Srinagar?

  • Analyse the present currency rates by calling any authorized dealers holding a license from Reserve Bank of India
  • KYC is mandatory hence get the documents ready before approaching any authenticated dealer.
  • Copy of any personal ID, self-attested with the date is the most essential. Always put the date to avoid misuse of your KYC document
  • Count your currency before submitting and once exchanged currency before leaving the counter

What are the documents required for foreign currency exchange in Srinagar?

Original passport, valid VISA for the country of travel, confirmed ticket showing travel date which should always be within 60 days of taking foreign exchange.

How to pay for foreign currency exchange in Srinagar?

  • Buy foreign currency worth up to Rs.50, 000/- as cash
  • Buy foreign currency above Rs.50, 000/- through online payment/ DD/ Debit card/ Banker’s Cheque.
  • The maximum permissible amount in the form of cash is Rs.50, 000/- and above Rs.50, 000/- through online modes.

What are the other forms of foreign currency exchange?

FCDD, Swift transfer, Prepaid Multicurrency travel card etc. It is often advisable to carry some money in the form of currency for immediate requirements like paying for food, drink or cab. Rest of the amount you can carry in your Prepaid Multi-currency card for paying through POS.

Get the best foreign currency exchange in Srinagar?

  • People moving abroad with various aspirations have always a need for foreign currency exchange requirements on a frequent basis. Hence it is always handy to have some safety tips for better rates for our foreign currency exchange in Srinagar.
  • Select Reserve Bank of India authorized dealer to exchange foreign currency in Srinagar, who will inform rates beforehand, check and count the foreign currency notes before leaving the counter for accurate amounts, receipts, and proper KYC for each transaction, etc.
  • Currency rate fluctuation is very common in the forex market, hence the smart way to get better foreign currency rates is to buy them well before the date of travel.
  • Do not rush for the last-minute foreign currency from the airport counters. The clever way to exchange foreign currency is to plan in advance.
  • Make a study of the current foreign currency rate to compare the currency rates with the authorized dealers before deciding on the purchase.

It is often advisable to check the rates before exchanging currency, as the foreign market is often subjected to rate fluctuations. Most of the travelers exchange currency well in advance so that they are not effected with a rise in foreign currency rates. Get the best rates from the authorized currency dealers that are renowned for providing better currency rates in the marketplace.

Get the best currency exchange in Srinagar

Unimoni India stands as the biggest authorized dealer in foreign exchange business with branches all across the country. Being in the forex business for long, the company has always an upper hand in providing the best rates in the industry. The digital revolution has completely changed life. There are no shortcuts but reliable simple procedures and processes that could help to have smarter financial options in the fastest manner. Unimoni India is the pioneering tycoon in the world financial services that has connected people across the nation with simple amenities that makes life much easier for all. The best foreign currency exchange in Srinagar is just a touch away! Visit in person at the branch address as mentioned below


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