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Unimoni Financial Services Ltd was the first in the country to get the AD II license from Reserve Bank of India for foreign exchange transactions. With years of experience in the industry, Company assures you quick and easy foreign currency exchange experience. You can convert your foreign currency into Indian Rupee at the best rates of the day from Unimoni.

Documents Required:

All foreign exchange transactions are being done as per RBI guidelines and as such supporting documents are mandatory. You can sell foreign currency with Unimoni by providing Aadhar/Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport. If you are an NRI/Foreigner, Passport is mandatory for currency sale.

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Currency Sale Limit:

RBI allows you to bring any amount of foreign currency while coming to India. However, if the total value of forex in the form of currency notes brought in crosses USD 10,000 or its equals and/or the value of foreign currency alone exceeds USD 5,000 or its equals, it should be declared to the Customs Authorities at the Airport in the Currency Declaration Form (CDF). You can exchange any amount of foreign currency with Unimoni, but if it is above $5000, CDF declared will be required.


Having years of experience and a wide network of branches all across India, Unimoni has become the leader in foreign exchange market. Following are the key features:

  • We accept all major currencies in foreign exchange.
  • We provide Best rates and fast services.
  • We have a nationwide presence.
  • We provide expert opinion on currency rates.
  • We provide personalized services.
  • Easy documentation.
  • Rate blocking facility is also available.

How to exchange foreign currency in India?


Well-known Indian banks are one of India's most convenient ways to exchange foreign currency. India has many privately held and government-owned banks that convert foreign currencies. Remember that you can only convert currencies at the bank where you have an account. Each bank in India has its conversion rate and service cost; check the fee rates online before completing the currency exchange process. You can also visit your local branch to find the rates; documentation needed, etc.


Non-banking financial organisations, or NBFCs, are India's most popular means of exchanging foreign currency. Because there is no obligation for NRIs or foreign tourists visiting India for a few days to have bank accounts with NBFCs, it is also a practical option for foreign exchange for NRIs or international tourists visiting India for a few days. Unimoni is one of India's major non-banking financial organisations, providing complete foreign currency services at cheap rates via the internet. At Unimoni, we believe in providing our customers with a hassle-free experience.

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Global support in a range of languages

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