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Experience Unimoni's unparalleled foreign exchange services in Madurai, setting a new standard for excellence and efficiency. Our dedicated team ensures swift transactions at competitive rates, providing personalized services tailored to your needs. With a global presence and unwavering transparency, Unimoni stands as your trusted partner, offering seamless currency exchange, outward remittance, and travel card issuance. Whether for individuals or businesses, Unimoni guarantees reliability and convenience, backed by a legacy of trust and a team of over 3600 professionals, making us the preferred choice for all your currency exchange needs in Madurai.

Essential Guidelines for Foreign Currency Exchange

When bringing foreign currency into the country, there's generally no limit, but crossing specific thresholds necessitates a Currency Declaration Form (CDF) from Airport Customs Authorities. This declaration is vital for currency exchanges exceeding US$ 10,000 in notes or traveler’s cheques, or if the total value surpasses US$ 5,000. Remember:

  • Choose authentic service providers to avoid risks.
  • Stay updated on online foreign currency rates.
  • Know standard transaction charges.
  • Avoid costly airport or tourist area exchange dealers.
  • Transactions up to 50,000 INR can be cash-based, while online or cheque methods are preferable beyond.
  • PAN card is mandatory for foreign currency purchases.
  • Per visit, carry up to $3,000 or equivalent in notes and coins.

Effortless Foreign Currency Exchange in Madurai with Unimoni

Locate the nearest Unimoni branch in Madurai using our user-friendly branch locator on the website or app. Visit the branch with your documents and consult our representative, who will guide you through the currency buying/selling process. Ensure you have your KYC documents, including a photo-attested ID card (such as Aadhar, Driving License, or Voter ID), PAN card (mandatory for currency purchase), and a valid passport copy. Exchange your currency based on the amount and purpose, with transactions typically completed within 15-30 minutes, subject to currency availability.

Unimoni's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Security in Madurai

At Unimoni, customer satisfaction and security are paramount in our operations in Madurai. We adhere to stringent regulatory standards to safeguard our customers' interests and maintain the integrity of the financial system. With robust security protocols and a dedicated customer support team, Unimoni ensures the confidentiality and safety of customer transactions, delivering a positive experience across our comprehensive range of services. Trusted by millions of customers, our network of branches equipped with advanced systems ensures efficient and hassle-free service, reaffirming our position as a leading financial services provider in Madurai.

Branch Locator


    Easily find the Unimoni branch in Madurai using our branch locator tool on our website or app. For further assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer service team for any queries or concerns.

    Yes, Unimoni can assist with both buying and selling processes at our branch in Madurai. Our knowledgeable staff will facilitate the process efficiently and securely to meet your needs.

    Document requirements may vary based on factors like transaction amount and purpose. It's best to check with your local Unimoni branch in Madurai for the latest requirements before your visit.

    For exchanging foreign currency in Madurai, you'll need a photo-attested ID card (such as Aadhar, Driving License, or Voter ID), a PAN card (mandatory for currency purchase), and a copy of a valid passport. These documents ensure compliance and smooth transaction processing.

    Currency exchange at a Unimoni branch in Madurai typically takes 15-30 minutes, depending on factors like currency availability. Our efficient service ensures a swift and convenient experience.

    Yes, you can exchange currency for any amount at Unimoni in Madurai. However, be prepared to provide necessary documentation based on exchange requirements.

    Yes, it's advisable to confirm the latest requirements with your local Unimoni branch in Madurai before visiting to ensure a hassle-free exchange experience. Regulations and documentation requirements may change, so staying updated will help facilitate a smooth transaction process.

    To ensure a smooth process, please bring essential documents such as a valid proof of identification (passport or ID card), PAN card, and any relevant travel documents for efficient transactions and regulatory compliance. Contact our nearest branch or customer service team for assistance.

    A PAN card is mandatory for currency purchases in Madurai. Ensure you have it for a smooth transaction. Contact our nearest branch or customer service team for more information.

    Yes, requirements may vary between individuals and businesses exchanging currency in Madurai. Contact your local Unimoni branch for tailored information based on your specific needs.

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