Overseas travel made easy with a swipe, Unimoni's Multicurrency Travel Card offers a secure and flexible way to travel around the globe, be it a holiday or a business trip or for overseas studies. The Card comes with a multitude of features to let you travel smoothly.

The convenience of usage is as simple as a Debit/Credit card, withdrawing local currency from ATMs, shopping, dining, buying local commute tickets etc., without worrying about carrying cash while transiting borders.

Unimoni Multicurrency Card enables you to make seamless payments in the currency of your choice. Load up to 14 different currencies at a go and travel worry-free. Get the balance refunded once you are back, or utilize it on your next overseas trip.

Tailor-made Travel Cards to suit the requirements of our customers for various purposes like-

  • Overseas Education- which requires a long-term stay in a foreign land
  • Business Trips- which demand frequent travel to multiple geographies
  • Leisure Trips- which deserve worry-free and convenient processes

Unimoni Travel Cards come with the following features:

  • Rate Locking Facility
  • Load up to 14 currencies in a single Card
  • Emergency Cash Facility
  • Insurance up to USD 10,000
  • Surcharge-free network access
  • Enhanced security with chip and pin-enabled transactions
  • Contactless Payment option
  • No Issuance Fee, Annual Fee or Replacement Fee
  • Manage the Card online.

It's time to say goodbye to worries about converting money, keeping the currency in hand safe or the fluctuating rates of the local currency; let go and experience your dream destinations to the fullest.

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