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Travelling abroad opens doors to new experiences, cultures, and memories that last a lifetime. Whether scaling the Great Wall of China or strolling the canals of Venice, ensure a smooth journey by getting your foreign currency sorted.
In Hyderabad, where the thrill of exploration is deeply ingrained, we understand the excitement of venturing beyond familiar borders. That is why we offer a convenient and secure solution to acquire foreign currency to turn your travel dreams into reality.

We offer competitive rates and convenient ways to exchange your rupees for your desired currency. Let's get you ready to explore the world!

Know the Reasons!

In Hyderabad, customers purchase foreign currency for various reasons, with travel being the most common. Some of the top reasons include:

Travelling Abroad is the main reason people buy foreign currency. Before setting up alternative payment methods, they need cash for immediate expenses upon arrival, such as airport taxis, meals, or public transport.

  • Business Purposes: Business travellers or those attending conferences abroad may require foreign currency for incidentals or small purchases.
  • Education Abroad: Students studying abroad may need foreign currency to cover living expenses or tuition fees if electronic payment methods aren't available.
  • Gifts or Remittances: People may send foreign currency as gifts or remittances to family or friends living overseas
  • Investment Opportunities: In some cases, individuals may buy foreign currency as part of a global investment strategy, but this is less common for the average customer.

Remember, other specific needs could exist depending on the individual's situation.

Whatever the reason, Unimoni is out there to help you!

Best Currency Exchangers near you!

Unimoni is your one-stop shop for hassle-free currency exchange in Hyderabad. We offer competitive rates and a smooth process, ensuring your complete satisfaction.Exchange Indian rupees into any leading foreign currency, such as the U.S. dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese yen, and much more. Buy any foreign currency at the most competitive exchange rate of the day.


Documents needed

Here's what you'll need to bring with you:

Indian Resident (staying in India over 182 days):

  • Proof of address: Aadhaar card/driving licence/Passport
  • Foreign currency purchase (cash): Up to USD 1,000 equivalent (any currency)
  • For purchases above USD 5,000: Bank account details (passbook copy, statement, or cancelled cheque) with updated information in the CRM system.

NRI (staying in India for less than 182 days):

  • Foreign currency purchase (cash): Up to USD 3,000 equivalent (any currency)
  • For purchases above USD 5,000: Up to USD 1,000 equivalent (any currency)
  • Passport and visa
  • For purchases above USD 5,000: (documents showing a gap of at least 182 days spent outside India. Otherwise, NRI status may not apply)


  • Passport
  • Visa (if required for your nationality)
  • Last arrival seal

You are done!

It is often advisable to carry some money as currency for immediate requirements like paying for food, drink, or a cab—the rest of the amount can be put on your Prepaid Multi-currency card for paying through POS.

  • RBI authorized AD II category licence holder
  • Best rates and fast service
  • Most secured and trusted means of currency exchange

No Currency Exchange at Airport and Hotel


It is generally not advisable to exchange currency at airports and hotels as they charge high exchange rates and transaction fees. Their exchange rates are typically significantly worse than the mid-market rate, the average rate at which currencies are traded. In addition to the unfavourable exchange rate, they may apply additional transaction fees, commissions, or service charges.

In summary, although exchanging currency at the airport or hotel may appear convenient due to their immediate accessibility, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. By planning and using alternative methods, you can save money and make the most of your travel funds. Use the branch locator to find the best currency exchange services near you.

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While there are various reasons, travel is the primary reason people buy foreign currency in Hyderabad. This ensures you have cash for initial expenses upon arrival, like taxis, meals, or public transport, before setting up alternative payment methods.

Business travelers or those attending conferences abroad may need foreign currency for incidental costs in Hyderabad. Students studying overseas and needing cash for living expenses or tuition fees might also buy foreign currency. Other reasons include sending money as gifts or remittances to family or friends overseas, or, less commonly, as part of an investment strategy.

It's generally recommended to avoid exchanging currency at airports and hotels in Hyderabad due to their typically less favorable exchange rates and potential transaction fees. These rates are often worse than the mid-market rate, the standard at which currencies are traded.

As a resident of Hyderabad (staying in India over 182 days), you'll need proof of address (Aadhaar card/driving license/Passport) to buy foreign currency in cash. There are limitations on amounts: up to USD 1,000 equivalent (any currency) without additional documents, and above USD 5,000 requiring bank account details.

Yes, Hyderabad offers convenient online currency exchange platforms. Unimoni's "Remit Forex" allows you to purchase the currency you need at competitive rates from the comfort of your home in Hyderabad.

Unimoni offers competitive exchange rates, fast service, and a secure environment for your currency exchange in Hyderabad. They also provide an online platform for your convenience, eliminating the need to visit a physical location.

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