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Exchange Indian rupees into any leading foreign currency US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen and much more. Buy any foreign currency at the most competitive exchange rate of the day.
It is often advisable to carry some money in the form of currency for immediate requirements like paying for food, drink or cab. Rest of the amount you can carry in your Prepaid Multi-currency card for paying through POS.

  • RBI authorised AD II category licence holder
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While airports may not be the best option for foreign currency exchange when travelling out of the nation, they are convenient when flying into India. Nonetheless, forex counters can be found at the airport, where you can exchange currencies as needed. However, it is best to avoid exchanging foreign currency at the airport because the prices are always more significant than those elsewhere.



Choosing online forex platforms makes currency exchange simple. Remit Forex is what you need. We provide you with the best available prices for the currency you want to purchase. You only need to place an order for the money you desire, and we will assist you with the rest. You can do all of this while sitting on your couch. The documents can be uploaded online, and the currency will be delivered to your door.

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