Overseas trips are a dream for many. And these trips surely involve a foreign currency exchange from Lucknow. As we all know, foreign currency exchange is an essential part of every foreign trips as Indian rupee is not accepted outside the country. So, you have to exchange your currency before an abroad trip. A currency exchange can be done easily if you approach an authorized service provider. Here, all you need to know about an easy currency exchange is explained. Check it out and make foreign currency exchange from Lucknow at ease.

Foreign currency exchange

A resident Individual of India is allowed to carry a maximum amount of 3000 USD or its equivalent forex during an international visit irrespective of the time he or she spends abroad. It is not always advisable to keep money in your wallet while traveling abroad even though it is much more helpful in paying a cab or having some food. It is actually very risky and unnecessary too. As an alternative, you can carry a prepaid multi-currency card paying through POS.However, for meeting your immediate requirements abroad you have to keep some liquid cash and for this you need to make foreign currency exchange from Lucknow prior to your visit to an abroad nation.

Documents required for foreign currency exchange from Lucknow

  • Valid ID card of yours (Adhar/Voters ID/Driving License),
  • PAN card (mandatory for currency purchase)
  • Copy of passport,etc

Above are some of the mandatory documents to go forward with your currency exchange .All these documents along with an A2 form, which is an application cum declaration is enough for you to go forward with the foreign currency exchange from Lucknow.

Which are the authentic service providers for foreign currency exchange from Lucknow?

The reliable and trustworthy money changers for an easy and safe currency exchange from Lucknow are as below;

  • AD I Banks
  • AD II and FFMC licence holders from Reserve Bank of India

Where to contact for the best foreign currency exchange from Lucknow?

If you are looking to exchange currency from Lucknow, then please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website https://www.unimoni.in/ and put a query or chat with us at the toll-free number 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 9946086666 or mail us at customercare@unimoniindia.com.You can also visit nearby branch of Unimoni in Lucknow to avail the finest services in currency exchange and purchases.

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