Traveling abroad is a dream for most of us. Where ever you wish to go, foreign currency exchange from Mysore is an essential part of it’s planning since the money in your wallet will not be get accepted in a hotel abroad just like a Saudi Riyal in Mysore. You have to be aware of a number of things before going on with a currency exchange from Mysore like the authenticity, transparency and affordability of your transactions. As an experienced service provider in foreign money exchange with an AD-2 category license, Unimoni is the best option for you to join hands with.

Foreign currency exchange from Mysore is monitored by the regulations of RBI

All our transactions are monitored by the strict regulations of RBI.A resident Indian is allowed to carry a maximum amount of 3000 USD or its equivalent foreign currency during an international visit irrespective of the time he wish to spend abroad. At the same time, there is no restriction on bringing foreign currency to India but it has to be informed to the officials and must be exchanged within 180 days to the local currency, if it exceeds the limit of (10000) 5000 USD or its equivalent.

The maximum amount of foreign currency that can be bought through cash is 50000 INR. Online methods or cheque is preferred for transactions beyond this limit .It is not always good to carry money in your wallet while traveling abroad even though it can be helpful in paying a cab or having some food. It is risky and unnecessary too. Instead of that,you can use a Prepaid Multi-Currency card paying through POS.

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    Ensuring the best exchange rates while making foreign currency exchange from Mysore

    No matter which is your preferred foreign currency to get exchanged with, Unimoni can ensure the best exchange rates since we always very careful in the fluctuations on the mid market rates. You will only be charged with a minimum flat fee which is completely transparent and free from any hidden mark ups. Super fast transactions which ensure complete transparency in payments will help you to save thousands in long run. Personal details of yours can be saved with us which will make your future transactions easier than this.

    We do believe that it is our duty to provide you the best services that we can, especially when an international struggle is going on against the spread of Covid19.Everyone is requested to stay in their homes to prevent the further spreading of the virus. Our services which helps you to initiate the procedures enjoying the comfort of your home within just a dial.

    Don’t need to sleep over it again, let’s make a foreign money exchange from Mysore with complete trust.

    Essential documents required for foreign currency exchange from Mysore.

    Government issued ID card of yours (Adhar/Voter ID/Driving License), PAN card,Copy of passport,etc are some mandatory documents to go forward with the transaction . Kindly note that,you cannot complete the procedures of currency purchase without submitting your PAN card along with a copy of your valid passport. All these documents along with an A2 form, which is an application cum declaration is enough to go forward with the currency exchange from Mysore.

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