Kolkata, the City of joy is packed with year-round festivities coupled with sweet delicacies, the latest underground metro railway to the British period Tram that runs at a pace of its own. Industries are also thriving with full rigor bringing people from across the globe. Many Nepal citizens have moved out to Kolkata in search of lifestyle amenities and many have also settled thereby increasing the necessity to reach out to their loved ones in times of their needs. Nepal money transfer from Kolkata is in high demand but the most important being to find the best and reliable service provider among the crowd of many.

Demand for Nepal money transfer from Kolkata has exploded in the past few years due to the ‘n’ number of causes. The latest statics about the remittance business reveals a tremendous rise in outward remittance. Indians are sending billions of amounts to a foreign land for their families, friends, or other close acquaintances. The increase in demand for various services as well as outbound tourism facilities has led to a paradigm shift in the remittance business of India.

Being an expert dealer in foreign remittance and many other related services, Unimoni India is having two decades of glorious know-how. Through guaranteeing endless and most expedient upkeep for all the foreign transfer allied activities, the company has gained boundless confidence and faith in our customers all across the country. Extensive varieties of services that can be accessible at any time as per the necessity of our patrons, anywhere in the world.

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    Why Unimoni India’s services are widely recommended?

    • Extensive choice for sending money abroad directly to foreign accounts
    • Instant and easy availability of stress-free services
    • Estimable exchange rates
    • Online booking facility with rate locking preferences
    • Easiest and safest mode for money transfer as well as currency exchange
    • Steady market study to make available for improved currency remittance services
    • An electronic method with speed and security

    What are the transaction charges?

    You can save money while buying currency with these simple tips

    • A receiver with no bank account in Nepal can receive the money at the Prabhu money transfer counters at a minimal charge of Rs.50/- for each Rs.5000/- transaction.
    • Send Money Charges from India ( 0 – Rs 30000 = Rs 150 , Rs30001 to Rs 50000 = Rs 200)

    Being a millennial it is necessary to have a wise comparison of a convenient and accessible means to make hassle-free quick Nepal money transfer. You have to seek a source that is cost-effective and economical so that you don’t have to bear a huge burden or loss while transferring your fund.

    How to send money to Nepal from Kolkata?

    • Visit any Unimoni branch
    • Fill out a send money form
    • Make sure the beneficiary’s name is spelt correctly
    • Submit the amount to be transferred along with the transfer fee
    • Share the unique control number with the beneficiary

    How to receive the money from the counter of Prabhu money transfer?

    • Visit the counter with a 16 digit pin that is given to you by the sender along with your ID proof.
    • An Indian should produce his passport to collect the cash
    • A citizen of Nepal should produce his passport, voters ID   citizenship ID

    What are permissible times of transaction and amount for Indo Nepal money transfer??

    • You can send 12 transactions per year
    • Maxim Rs.50, 000/- per transaction per day per month.
    • Transactions are permissible for Family maintenance/travel   tours

    What are the modes of transactions available to transfer money?

    Both by cash and online transaction


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    • Your trusted dealers of Unimoni India along with Prabhu Money Transfer service are primed to deliver first-rate and most generous fund transfer service to Nepal especially for businessmen, travelers, migrants laborers, etc. at the most lucrative rate with more than 320 counters across the nations.

    For any of your queries related to send money from India to Nepal or to any other country, we are here to serve you instantly.

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