It is always good for you to go somewhere you have never been before. Exploring new destinations, meeting new people, tasting various delicious foods will always help you in learning new things in life. In fact, it is a dream for everyone for sure. But there comes the most difficult and annoying part. Understanding technicalities of foreign currency exchange will always brings a dash of sweat on our foreheads, even for the most experienced travelers. But it is obvious that we can find effective ways to make it easier than ever by finding the right service provider to join hands with. Unimoni will show you the easiest ways to make a foreign currency exchange from Palakkad.Be authentic with transactions while making foreign currency exchange from Palakkad

Only banks and authorized dealers can perform transactions with foreign currencies that we can all understand. Unimoni is the first company in India to get an AD-2 category license to perform International Transactions like money exchanges, Wire Transfer, etc. Now it has become the most experienced service provider in currency exchanges having a number of renowned partners all around the world. You can be so sure about the transparency and authenticity of your transactions.But before going further, Some important points has to be noted.

  • No resident Indian can complete a foreign money (exchange) purchase without having a PAN card.
  • Maximum amount of foreign currency that can be carried during a foreign visit is 3000 USD or its equivalent.
  • There is no limit on bringing International money from abroad to India but if it exceeds the limit of (10000) 5000 USD or its equivalent, it has to be informed to the Customs Authority and it must be exchanged within 180 days

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    Exchange rate is defined as the amount you get in the terms of local currency when you exchange foreign currency.The unit of Dollar that you receive after exchanging INR 100 is the local exchange rate of United States.Unimoni can assure you the best exchange rates that you can get when going on with a foreign money exchange from Palakkad as it is always keeps an eye on the continuous fluctuations on mid market rates. It is our prime concern to make you completely fee from any hidden transaction charges. We only charge a less flat fee which will be transparent and open for verification and comparison. This will ensure you an authentic, transparent and affordable money exchange from Palakkad.


    All these can be done with great ease even without going through the usual banking procedures of account opening, initial deposit, etc. Just make a dial to our toll free number and our customer executives will bring our services towards your doorsteps. You can have the facilities of video/audio calls through our official website, which you may have already noticed. Submission and verification of your KYC documents along with an A-2 form will make you ready for the transactions. So don’t be late to make a foreign money exchange from Palakkad since you have already taken the first step towards it by reading this.

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