Does this question confuse you a bit more? Are you searching for a proper answer so that you can proceed with your international payments? Then, you can now stop your search; the solution for your query is explained below in detail. Please take a look through it and prep yourself for your international payments.

Is it possible to Pay in USD with an Indian bank card?

The world has become a global market, so you are supposed to pay in foreign currency while purchasing anything from an international market. Hence it’s evident that paying in USD has become a necessity in the present day. Being an Indian citizen with an Indian bank card might restrict you from international payments. However, new updates were added to address the growing needs and meet the current demands of consumers, facilitating people to pay in USD from any Indian bank card! Though, this can be done in the following ways only;

  • You are first required to have an international payment-enabled credit/debit card.
  • The payment you make using this card is in Indian Rupees only.
  • Since your seller needs dollars, you and your banker are in India; you need to convert the USD amount into equivalent INR value.
  • Nostro and Vostro accounts of Indian banks can help in such cases.

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    Once you get an international payment-enabled credit/debit card, the entire procedure of international payments becomes more accessible, and you don’t even need to convert your money into USD because these cards will automatically convert it. At the same time, you make the payment, and you don’t even need to bother it. Thus, in short, making payments in USD using your Indian bank card is possible today.

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