Want to send money to Poland? Never heard of the best ways to transfer money to Poland? Don’t worry! The most safe and secure modes of money transfer to Poland are now at your fingertips. Want to know more about it? An A to Z facts about the perfect methods of money transfer from India to Poland is here elucidated for you. Now remit money easily and safely like never before.

Before you transfer money to Poland, lets know about the procedure of overseas remittance in a nutshell

Procedure of overseas remittance

There are numerous reasons that evoke people to remit money from India to Turkey and few among they are as follows ,

  • Choose any authorized service provider near you to transfer money to Poland from India
  • Provide accurate details of the beneficiary
  • Also, provide the exact bank account details and update the amount to be sent to Poland
  • Choose the appropriate manner of fund payment
  • Submit the ID proof of the fund remitter

what are the perfect modes to transfer money to Poland from India?

Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD)

  • It is the most reliable instrument to transfer money to any part of the globe.
  • Available in all highly demanded currencies
  • Validity lasts up to 3 months
  • Primarily used for Education, Employment purposes, Immigration, Visa fees, etc.
  • Payments can be done via Foreign Currency Demand Draft in foreign banks and can get it cleared easily

Wire Transfer/ Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

  • Wire transfer to Poland from India are one of the highly suggested mode of international money remittance
  • It is an electric method to transfer money to Poland from India as per Reserve Bank of India guidelines
  • It has a perfect speed and safety in outward fund transfers
  • It is trouble-free and highly protected method of money transfer from India to Poland
  • Almost valued for every personal transaction under this method
  • You can transfer money to Poland from India directly using this method

These two mediums of overseas remittances are the finest options for your money transfer to Poland from India. Now get ready to transfer money from India to Poland more easily and safely like never before.

Where to contact for transferring money from India to Poland?

If you are looking to transfer money to Poland from India, please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website https://www.unimoni.in/  and put a query or chat with us at the toll free number 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 9946086666 or mail us at customercare@unimoniindia.com.You can also visit any nearby branch of Unimoni to avail the finest services in  money transfer requirements from India. Unimoni can serve you better with all the updated and customized services according to your need.

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