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Sending Money from India to Germany has become more accessible, thanks to the numerous international money transfer services available today. There are various options if you're in India and want to send Money to Germany. These include wire transfers and online money transfer services, each with advantages and disadvantages in speed, fees, and exchange rates while sending Money from India to Germany.

Unimoni provides various remittance options such as studying abroad, travel, tuition fees, supporting family members, gift sending, emigration, and visa fees.

Transfer Money quickly from India to Germany with our two modes of transfer.

  • Telegraphic/Wire Transfer (TT)
  • a Demand Draft (DD)

What is a wire transfer?

Wire Transfers are a reliable and convenient way to transfer funds electronically across a network of hundreds of banks worldwide. With this service, you can quickly transfer Money from your Indian bank account to an overseas one. Wire transfers are a secure and trustworthy method of sending Money between people in different countries.

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    What is a foreign currency Demand Draft?

    Foreign Currency Demand Drafts can be a safe and reliable option for international money transfers, including transferring Money from India to Germany. These drafts are particularly useful for making payments related to education, medical fees, visa and service charges, and other similar expenses. The beneficiary is the transfer recipient and is "favouring" the beneficiary, guaranteeing they will receive the funds upon banking the draft into their account. The DD can be recreated and reissued if lost or stolen, providing added security for transferring funds.


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    Main Purposes of Sending Money to Germany from India

    Various reasons drive the flow of Money from India to Germany.

    • For family maintenance: Supporting loved ones residing in Germany is a primary reason for sending Money. This could involve parents, siblings, or other relatives who rely on financial assistance.
    • Tuition fee Payments in Germany: Germany is a popular destination for Indian students pursuing higher education. Sending Money for tuition fees is crucial for supporting their academic journey.
    • Send Money to the Blocked Account: German student visa regulations require applicants to deposit a specific amount in a blocked account to prove their ability to cover living expenses. Sending Money to this account is a necessary step for securing a visa.
    • Living Expenses of Indian Students in Germany: Besides tuition fees, students also need Money for rent, food, transportation, and other living expenses. Regular transfers from India can help them manage their finances while studying abroad.
    • Tour-related payments: Germany's rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes attract Indian tourists. Sending Money can cover travel expenses like flight tickets, accommodation, and tour packages.
    • Visa/Immigration fee: Applying for visas or permits for Germany often involves fees that must be paid. Sending Money from India can cover these costs and facilitate the immigration process.

    How do you Transfer Money from India to Germany?

    Sending Money to Germany from India is straightforward.

    1. 1. Visit any financial service provider. Several reputable options exist in India, like banks, money transfer services or foreign exchange specialists. Each offers varying fees, exchange rates, and processing times. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
    2. 2. Carry your passport, Aadhaar card, or PAN card for KYC verification. Different providers may have slightly different requirements, so check beforehand.
    3. 3. Clearly state the reason for sending Money, whether for family support, tuition fees, business expenses, or other legitimate purposes. This helps ensure clarity and transparency in the transaction.
    4. 4. Share the receiver's full name, bank account details (including bank name, branch, and account number), and contact information (phone number or email). Double-check all details for accuracy to avoid delays.
    5. 5. Carefully review all transaction details, including fees, exchange rates, and estimated arrival time. Once satisfied, confirm the transfer and make the payment.
    6. 6. The wire transfer will now be initiated, and the beneficiary should receive credit within 48 working hours.
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    The Advantages of Sending Money via Unimoni

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    Unimoni has a vast network of over 300 branches across India, making finding a branch near you convenient. Unlike traditional banks and other money transfer services, Unimoni offers competitive exchange rates and transfer fees when transferring Money from India to Germany. They also provide transparent cost breakdowns so you know exactly what you're paying before initiating the transfer.

    Unimoni provides various transfer options to suit your needs, including cash pickup, bank transfer, and mobile wallet deposits. This flexibility allows you to choose the most convenient method for your recipient. Unimoni offers additional services beyond money transfers, such as foreign exchange trading, travel cards, and bill payments. This can be helpful if you have other financial needs related to Germany.

    Unimoni is a well-established and authorized financial service provider with a strong reputation for reliability and security.

    Choose one of India's best financial service Providers for sending money from India to Germany!


    Sending Money from India to Germany has become more accessible and convenient. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, so comparing the fees, exchange rates, and transfer speeds is essential to find the best option. By choosing the exemplary money transfer service, Unimoni, you can ensure that your funds reach their destination safely and quickly, no matter where you are!

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