Planning to Send Money from India to Indonesia?

If yes, you don’t need to bother much since a trouble-free money remittance from India to Indonesia is now possible with the support of authorized foreign exchange dealers near your location. Whatever be your necessity to send money from India to Indonesia, proper understanding of the process of fund transfer from India is a must for evading the hassles connected to the foreign exchange market. Learning more about the international money transfer process is an extra benefit as it will help you to send money from India to Indonesia safely and securely.

What are the major purposes behind money transfer from India to Indonesia?

  • People primarily send money from India to Indonesia (with an aim to make) for education fee payments to universities or colleges in Indonesia
  • To meet the living expenses of Indian students in Indonesia
  • Fund transfers to close relatives in Indonesia.
  • Remittance by tour operators.
  • Emigration/Visa fees.
  • Fee for participating in international events and conferences etc.

What all documents are required to send money from India to Indonesia?

  • PAN card copy of the fund remitter.
  • Duly filled A2 form cum declaration with customer signature.
  • Other KYC’s as requested by the authorized service providers for transferring funds to Indonesia.

What all details of beneficiary required to transfer money from India to Indonesia?

  • Bank Name and address of beneficiary
  • SWIFT code
  • Beneficiary’s name   account number

While you step out to send money from India to Indonesia, always think of approaching an authorized service provider with an appropriate license from RBI to have a secured and safe transaction. Also, make sure to keep the required documents ready along with beneficiary details for avoiding unnecessary delays and dilemmas. (Now with that, you can step out and transfer money from India to Indonesia without any doubts and hesitations.)

Where to contact to send money from India to Indonesia?

If you are looking to transfer money from India to Indonesia, then please feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website and put a query or chat with us at the toll-free number 1800 102 0555 or WhatsApp us at +91 9946086666 or mail us at You can also visit any nearby branches of Unimoni in India for having a hassle less money transfer from India to Indonesia in line with the FEMA guidelines and RBI guidelines for money transfer abroad at utmost safety.


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Which are the different mediums of fund transfer from India to Indonesia?

Wire Transfer/ Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

  • Wire transfer or Telegraphic transfer is the (a) widely recommended electronic mode to send money abroad as per (Indian  ) Reserve Bank of India regulations.
  • It has definite pace and security in international fund transfer.
  • It is completely trouble less and highly secured way to send money from India to Indonesia
  • Best for every personal transaction under this method

Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD)

  • It is the reliable instrument to transfer money abroad to any part of the world.
  • Available in every demanded currency
  • Validity – up to 3 months
  • Primarily used for Education, Employment purposes, Immigration, Visa fees, etc.
  • Payments can be done via Foreign Currency Demand Draft in foreign banks and get it cleared

How to transfer money from India to Indonesia?

  • Approach any RBI approved money changers near your location in order to transfer money from India to Indonesia
  • Take into account the cost of the transfer, exchange rate and the time taken to transfer.
  • Be aware about the remittance guidelines and limits. Under the Liberal Remittance Scheme (LRS), you can send up to $250,000 from India for business visits, gifts or donations, overseas education and employment, medical and other necessary expenses of relatives abroad.
  • Share the required KYC details to the service provider.
  • Provide complete   accurate details of receiver.
  • Transfer funds in Indian Rupees in consultation with service provider so that they can transfer required foreign currency to the receiver.
  • Cross check and ensure that required fund is transferred to the receiver.
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