Send money abroad has become an inevitable part of modern life. With globalization and the rise of the digital economy, people are moving and working across borders more than ever before. There is an increasing demand for fast, convenient, and cost-effective ways to transfer money internationally to loved ones and business associates.

Send money abroad has become easier with the advent of various options such as banks, money transfer services, and online money transfer providers. Each option has unique features and benefits, making it essential to choose the one that best suits your needs. To help you find the best option, consider the following factors when selecting the best way to send money abroad.

Send Money to UAE

Many Indian migrants choose to settle in the UAE as it is their favoured destination. Send money to UAE has become an integral part of modern life. Over 3.3 million Indians live in the UAE, making them the largest expat community. Indians are employed in a wide range of sectors in the UAE. Individuals and businesses must exchange currencies for various reasons, such as paying for travel expenses, importing and exporting goods and services, and investing in foreign countries

Foreign currency exchange service providers can provide these services at competitive fees and exchange rates. Many Indians living in the UAE send money back to their families in India. Foreign currency exchange businesses can provide these remittance services at a lower cost and faster than banks. Companies that engage in international trade of goods and services are susceptible to the risk of foreign exchange fluctuations. Foreign currency exchange service providers can help businesses hedge this risk by offering currency hedging services when send money to UAE.


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Steps to send money to UAE/Dubai through Unimoni

1. Visit any Unimoni Branch

Unimoni provides a fast, easy, and affordable way to transfer money from India to UAE. To send money to UAE through Unimoni, you can visit any Unimoni branch in India.

  • Visit any Unimoni branch in India.
  • Submit your ID proof, address proof & PAN Card to our staff: You must provide your personal information, the recipient's information ( POR & bank details), and the money you send.
  • Money transfer receipt. Unimoni will transfer the money to the recipient's bank account in the UAE upon form submission.

Don't forget to receive the TT Copy.

2. Remitforex Website

Remitforex is powered by Unimoni Financial Services Ltd, India's leading foreign exchange and money transfer company. It is known for its fast and reliable service, competitive exchange rates, and low fees. Remitforex offers competitive exchange rates for buying and selling foreign currency. Our platform incorporates the most up-to-date security technologies to safeguard your personal information and finances. If you are looking for a fast, reliable, and affordable way to send money abroad, remitforex is an excellent option.

Visit any Unimoni branch for faster transfers!

3. Unimoniindia App

The Unimoni India app is a fast, convenient, affordable international money transfer method. Download and install the Unimoni India app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Sign up or log in to your account. If you send an enquiry to us through the app, Unimoni's representative will contact you for further steps.

Branch Locator

    Enjoy Hassle-free Services @ Unimoni!

    To send money to UAE/send money to Dubai through a Unimoni branch, visit and enjoy the hassle-free services! You can share your contact details on the Remitforex website or the Unimoni India app to receive assistance with the money transfer process.

    To know the latest currency exchange rate, visit the remitforex website and enter the currencies you want to exchange. The website will show you the latest currency exchange rate and the amount you will receive after deducting the transfer fee.

    If you have any questions about sending money to UAE through Unimoni, please get in touch with your nearest Unimoni branch or customer support team for assistance.

    Please feel free to reach us at:

    FAQ’S Send Money to UAE

    There are many ways to send money to UAE/Dubai, including:

    • Money transfer services: Several services, like Unimoni Financial Services, specialize in sending money internationally. These services are typically faster and more convenient than bank transfers, giving the best exchange rate when sending money to UAE.
    • Bank transfers: Bank transfers are one of the ways to send money internationally. But they are usually the slowest, taking up to several days to complete.
    • Mobile wallets: Some mobile wallets, such as Unimoni Wallet, allow you to explore sending money to UAE services. It can be a quick and easy way at the best exchange rate.

    The best way to send money to UAE/Dubai depends on your needs and preferences. A money transfer service or mobile wallet may be a better option if you need to send money quickly and at the best currency exchange rate.

    To send money to UAE/Dubai, you will need the following information:

    • The remitter's address proof (Aadhar/voter's ID/Driving Licence) and PAN Card.
    • The recipient's Name and bank account number.
    • The recipient's bank's SWIFT code, if applicable.
    • Share the POR, Purpose Code for Remittance, with the Unimoni staff.
    • The amount of money you want to send.

    The cost of sending money to UAE/Dubai will vary depending on your chosen method and the amount you send. Remittance service providers are typically more affordable as they provide the lowest currency exchange rate.

    To know the best and latest currency exchange rate, visit

    The time it takes to send money to UAE/Dubai will also vary depending on your chosen method. Bank transfers can take up to several days to complete, while money transfer services and mobile wallets are typically faster, with some transfers being completed.

    To know more, feel free to reach us at

    Sending money to UAE/Dubai may have cash limitations that depend on your chosen method and country of origin. Taxes or duties may also apply, depending on the money you send and the country you are shipping from. It would help if you verified with your local tax authorities to determine any potential liabilities for taxes or duties.

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    If you have problems sending money to UAE/Dubai, visit any Unimoni branch. Our representatives are happy to help you.

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