Do you have any emergency to send money from India to UK? An easy wire transfer from India to UK from all across India is possible now with zero hassles!

Send money to UK from India has been the toughest task to date as people who remit money to UK most frequently fall prey to big losses and fake activities due to limited alertness about the market and market dealings. But today with the introduction of the latest facilities including online fund transfer services, people can gather more information about the fund transfer process and transfer money from India to UK at ease with the help of authorized dealers.

By the way, why people transfer money from India to UK? Why there is this huge demand for a wire transfer from India to UK?

Now let’s discuss the process flow of money transfer from India to UK

Reasons why people send money from India to UK?

How to send money from India to UK?

  • Pick an authentic service dealer near you to transfer money from India to UK
  • Select the receiver and give the exact details of her/him
  • Provide the accurate account details of the bank and update the amount to be sent to UK
  • Choose the medium of payment
  • Give the senders address proof and information

This is how you can send money from India to UK at ease to meet your urgencies on time. Your only task here is to pick the appropriate and authenticated money dealer from many. Rest they will take care to carry out the whole transactions perfectly without affecting your pocket. So, now get ready to choose the service provider sensibly and to transfer the Funds to UK from any part of India….


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What are the prerequisites of Money transfer for education purpose?

  • The amount should be for paying the fees of a university or college for the education
  • The sender should be student or close relative of the student
  • The receiver should be student of a University or college.

How to make university fee payment from India?

Most popular ways to make University fee payment from India are:

FCDD – Foreign Currency Demand Draft:

  • Simple methods to make University fee payment from India to any other part of the world
  • A paper instrument in the form of a demand draft can be submitted to foreign banks and get the credit through the clearing process.
  • Almost all the demanded currencies can be taken as FCDD
  • This draft is valid for 3 months from date of issue
  • It is mainly used for educations, Employment resolutions, Immigration, Visa fees, etc.

TT (Telegraphic Transfer) – Swift Transfer

  • An electronic method of sending money overseas to be credited to the University account
  • Swift network is used to send information from one bank to another.
  • It guaranteed speed in the remittance process and perfect security for University fee payment from India
  • Swift transfers get directly credited to the overseas bank account of the overseas University or to the students’ account.

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    Why Student study abroad from India?

    • Enhanced career advantage
    • For being internationally competitive
    • Diversity of nationality
    • Better quality education
    • Flexibility in opting quality courses
    • Guidance from elite professors
    • Attractive compensations or salaries offered for jobs abroad

    Must-haves before going for overseas university admission

    • A die-hard genuine interest in the education that you are pursuing for
    • Excellence in grades for the subject that you are looking for
    • Get language proficiency and finance is a strong factor for all these
    • Ready to adapt to the environment and society that you are moving to
    • Work experience is yet another factor that is often recommended for master degrees

    Forget all about the leg-work of immigration, visa processing, air tickets, etc., and start your plans for a jubilant future ahead. Now your aspirations could hardly be contained within the borders of your country so start exploring abroad.

    What are the special requirements for GIC education payment?

    • The minimum amount of CAD 10200 for an academic year
    • Sender and receiver should always be the same i.e., student pursuing education
    • The name of the student, ID number, and GIC are to be mandatorily mentioned.
    • Offer letter, student passport copy along with GIC Letter is required.

    GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a Canadian investment offering a definite rate of return for a stipulated tenure with a low-risk profile.

    Every transaction that deals with money should be done with utmost care hence it is advisable to send money overseas only through authorised channels that have their licence with Reserve Bank of India.

    What all things to be noted before doing Money transfer for education purpose?

    • International money transfer from India can only be administered by banks or authorized dealers, who possess an AD-II license from regulators like RBI. So, approach only authorized dealers for Money transfer for education purpose.
    • As per the current guidelines, the total amount of payments abroad in a financial year must not exceed $250,000 for educational purposes.
    • It is to be noted that only parents and close relatives of the student studying abroad are allowed for Money transfer for education purpose.
    • For remit money abroad for education, you can either send money under the RBI approved category of ‘maintenance of close relatives’ or under the ‘education’ category
    • In case of remitting money directly to universities, you can only remit thru RBI approved category of ‘Education’
    • Parents and close relatives, remit money abroad for education purposes must produce KYC’s for verification purposes.
    • Payments for money transfers must come from a savings bank account and it can be remitted via NEFT/RTGS or cheque.

    Are you trying to join the best study programs abroad to pick your dream choice? Why go for any less, when many top overseas Universities are arrayed one after another to add you to their engrossing courses and schemes.

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