Are you an Indian with some foreign currency leftover since your last foreign trip,?We can help you get Indian rupee in exchange of the foreign currency in your hand. Running towards your usual banking partners will not be the right choice when there is a serious struggle going on against the pandemic which compels us to avoid long lines and crowds. Just find out how easily you can complete a foreign currency exchange from Trivandrum, Pattom at the best rates available in the market.

How is it works ?

Foreign Money Exchange is the conversion of one currency into another,say Indian Rupee into USD, at a specific rate known as the foreign exchange rate. The conversion rates for almost all currencies are constantly fluctuating as it is driven by the market forces of supply and demand.Thus, keeping an eye on the fluctuations on conversion rates are important for you to ensure you gets the best rate. It is also very important to make sure that you are joining hands with the service provider who does not make compromises on authenticity and transparency since every foreign money transactions are monitored by the strict regulations of the Reserve Bank Of India(RBI). Unimoni is the best provider you can find in India since it is the first to be acknowledged with an AD-2 category license for money transactions and hence it is the most experienced and reputed in the country. With a number of renowned partners all around the world, you can completely trust us for a foreign money exchange from Trivandrum-Pattom .

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    Unimoni provides you the opportunity to initiate the transactions even without creating an account. The submission and verification of these KYC documents listed below is necessary.

    • Photo Attested ID card of yours
    • Copy of your valid passport
    • PAN card

    Submission and verification of these documents along with an application cum declaration form you will make you ready for a money exchange from Trivandrum-Pattom.

    It is mandatory for any resident Indian to submit their PAN card in order to complete a foreign money (exchange) purchase. A resident Indian can purchase foreign currency in India by paying cash only if the total transaction value is less than 50, 000 INR including GST and transaction charges. Online methods or Cheque will be needed for transactions beyond this limit.


    You can be so sure that it is the best exchange rates that you get with Unimoni.In addition to this, we will make you completely free from any hidden transaction charges and will maintain complete transparency in payments.You will only need to pay a minimum service fee which will be reasonable. User friendly approaches, best exchange rates and super fast transactions make s us the best option for Foreign Money Exchange from Trivandrum-Pattom.

    The way to contact us is there in our official website. As you have already understood, our services are just a dial ahead.Don’t wait,lets do it together.

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